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11 Additional Revenue Streams For Web Developers And Design

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How do you increase the lifetime value of each customer without simply charging an additional fee for the same amount of work?If you are looking to grow your web design business, you need to think of ways to add value to your customers while increasing sales.

This will reduce the financial pressure on you and your business and give you the opportunity to expand and leverage even more growth opportunities.

This post shares some revenue-generating strategies available to web development and design clients.

Some are add-ons to existing services that add value to each sale, while others are additional services that have the advantage of attracting a wider range of customers.

Others will be regular revenue streams that provide additional revenue streams. This is ideal for new and existing customers.

And the best part is that some of these services can be fully outsourced through the White Label service. Below are some recommendations for each revenue stream.

Let’s get started:

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1. Web hosting

If you have full control over your server, it’s always easier to provide any kind of web development or web design service.

This is a difficult sale for anyone with an existing website, but adding web hosting to your service offering will make your job easier and give you a new source of regular revenue.

How to offer web hosting services:

A very popular option is to use reseller hosting. This allows you to host a large number of client sites, create and manage email accounts, monitor server performance, and combine all customer billing into one.

A better alternative option from the customer’s point of view is to sign up for a recommended web host so that the customer has their own account.

You can make money with affiliate / linklinks and charge monthly maintenance fees. In this case, the bill must be processed separately.

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2. Ongoing website maintenance

This is a general upsell offer, but if you don’t, it might be worth a try.

The client is busy. They need to spend time growing their business rather than worrying about technical issues.

This is your turn. Providing continuous website maintenance is a great way to reassure your customers.

What you include here depends on your business and your customers, but for a typical WordPress site, it might include:

  • Malware scanning & removal
  • Backup management
  • WordPress updates

How to offer ongoing website maintenance:

There are several ways to provide a maintenance plan.

If you need maximum control and don’t want others to retain a portion of your revenue, you can provide this service yourself.

With BlogVault, you can protect your website without impacting performance, keep plugins, themes and cores up to date, block hackers and scan for malware. It also handles

malware cleanup and includes white labeling of connector plugins. You can also outsource this to

or a completely dedicated WordPress maintenance company. Especially those that offer some kind of affiliate program.

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3. Niche website services

Web design is just the beginning.

We can provide a variety of related services that bring great value to our customers.

We are talking about services that meet very specific end goals, such as security audits, technical SEO audits, and performance optimization.

These services can be offered as upsells for core web design products, but they are also worth offering as standalone services. In this way, they can also generate leads for your web design work.

In fact, many web developers make money just by providing hyper-specific services such as performance optimization.

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4. Installation & customization of specific WordPress plugins

Continuing with the previous strategy, you can dig deeper into your niche by providing installation and customization of specific WordPress plugins.

For example, you can suggest installing and customizing LMS plugins such as LearnDash and LifterLMS. This can be done using other WordPress plugins. From booking calendar plugins like Amelia to performance plugins like WP Rocket. The more general and time-consuming the setup, the better.

You can go one step further and create a dedicated landing page for each specific service. Optimized for the keywords of the relevant buyer’s intent gives you another opportunity to generate business leads.

And we need to think about how these types of offers can help other services.

For example, a client that hires you to build an online booking system for an e-learning platform is a good candidate for ongoing website maintenance. We can also offer limited discounts on web design work to customers who have been using the website maintenance service for more than 6 months. The possibilities are endless.

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5. Conversion rate optimization

Optimizing conversion rates or CROs require highly specialized skills.

The goal is simple-help your customers make more money.

If you are considering this option, it is highly recommended that you take a course to better understand how the CRO works and how it fits into your existing product.

How to provide conversion rate optimization services:

If you have experience with CROs, you can easily incorporate a basic CRO into your web design product. And think of it as added value.

This usually requires the implementation of best practice advice. Everything beyond that should be extensively tested based on actual traffic or using AI-driven tools such as AttentionInsight.

Alternatively, you can offer the CRO as a standalone service to optimize specific pages of your client’s sales goal-achieving process. This gives them the best profit of their money.

To provide this, you need to learn a CRO, outsource work to a specialized agency and white label the service to the client, or refer the client to the agency for a fee.

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6. Content strategy + ongoing content creation

Many companies will benefit from content strategies and ongoing content creation.

But most of the time, we don’t have the in-house know-how to get the job done right.

How to provide continuous content creation services:

Usually, a one-time content strategy is provided to develop a plan that meets the client’s goals. This could include a search for basic keywords (SEO will be discussed in more detail later).

Next, I agree with the regular number of articles published monthly for clients.

How can this be provided? A good approach is to hire a VA with a background in content marketing. Can handle content strategy + planning. Depending on availability, using a content fulfillment platform such as WriterAccess to perform all writes allows the VA to insert and publish the content into the client’s CMS.

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7. Ongoing monitoring and reporting

Reports are simple subscription-based services that you can add to your list of services. There is also a reason that it is very easy to make! The

Web has many SaaS apps that can handle reporting and monitoring of various elements of client marketing.

But what kind of report do you need to provide? They can provide some standardized reports based on top-level marketing KPIs. Traffic, preferred keyword rankings, competitor rankings, social media engagement and more. You can also provide a report specifically for

or a specific KPI, allowing customers to choose what they need in the report.

How to provide monitoring and reporting services:

There are many social media reporting tools in the

market, and there are dedicated SEO tools that provide robust reporting like SE rankings. Consider a dedicated marketing reporting tool such as

or Raven Tools.

However, if you select SE ranking, you can also use powerful tools such as keyword research and competitor research, so it is excellent in cost performance.

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8. SEO and link building

Providing SEO services is like tackling quicksand, which can be quicksand at any time. Strange analogy, sure, but absolutely spot.

Anyway, most clients don’t know how SEO works and it’s one of the best ways to attract buyers’ intended traffic. The situation for

SEO is very diverse and there are many small parts of SEO that we can offer. This includes:

  • SEO strategy
  • Keyword research
  • Competitor research
  • Technical SEO
  • On-page SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Content promotion
  • Blogger outreach
  • Infographic marketing

How to offer SEO and link building services:

Take a look at all aspects of a solid SEO strategy and divide each area into one-off, continuous tasks. Next, consider building an initial “SEO setup” service and a “continuous SEO” service.

Can provide one or both. It is also worth considering a dedicated link building service for

. If you have no experience building links, the best bet is to outsource this to a link building service for agencies like UKLinkology.

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9. Ongoing graphic design

The website you create is somehow related to graphic design, but we can offer graphic design as an ongoing service.

For example, a customer may need:

  • Flyers
  • Illustrations
  • Infographics
  • Blog post images
  • Social media images
  • Branding such as letterheads
  • Image manipulation

And there are probably more options.

How to Provide Graphic Design Services

If you have a background in graphic design, this is an easy way to extend your service offering. However, without a team, extending this type of service can be very difficult. You can also hire an external graphic design company like

or Design Pickle, or you can hire a freelance graphic designer.

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10. Email marketing and transactional emails

Email marketing is another upsell opportunity, but we can also offer different types of email services. It’s quite different, so I’ll show you how.

If someone chooses to receive email updates, downloads resources in exchange for an email address, or subscribes to an email newsletter-these types of emails are considered marketing emails. Will be done.

Another type is transactional email. These are the email addresses you will need as a result of your purchased or signed up account. These are email recipients who cannot opt ​​out.

Both are important and have different use cases.

How to provide transaction and email marketing services:

Generally, transactional email requires a one-time setup and nothing else unless the customer requests a change.

You can upsell this to a web design fee or offer it as a standalone option for new clients.

The exact tool you use depends on your customer’s needs, but in most cases Sendgrid is a good starting point. So what about email marketing in


This can be split into an initial setup fee and an ongoing implementation / maintenance subscription.

Email marketing service required. Ideally, the customer should have their own account for this. Then you can set everything.

The tools you need depend on your customers’ needs, but a good tool to get started is comparing email marketing services.

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11. Social media marketing

Some customers may want to manage their social network entirely in-house. Other? Not really.

While it is essential for most businesses to have at least some form of an active social media presence, revenue differences vary from business to business.

So for some clients, they just need to relax so they can focus on other things.

How to deliver social media marketing services:

When building websites for clients without a social media presence, a basic social media package can work well.

This will include creating accounts, customizing them, adding some content and making them visible.

Then? That’s where the subscription comes with tiered packages. It can be as simple as scheduling new content or a combination of response management, new content, and reporting.

One option would be to outsource the work to a company that provides white label social media services such as 99social.

However, you should be able to provide a service that better meets your customers’ needs by doing this work yourself or by hiring and training a VA.

However, you’ll need the right tools to streamline your social media management process. I am a huge fan of Sendible. This tool helps you find content to share, schedule it across multiple social networks, respond to all comments in one inbox, and manage reports. They also offer white labels. If you don’t want to offer content creation, you can simply provide a management service layer where you verify customer accounts via social inbox and specify any updates required. Ask for feedback from your customers.

From a business perspective, this will bring customers more comfort and save time. Allows them to focus more on growth-driven tasks.

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If you want to grow your business, becoming an aggregator for other website related services is a great way to do it.

Not only will you increase the average lifetime value of each customer, but you’ll also make yourself more important to their business, so you’ll retain that customer for longer.

And if you continue to scale, you can start hiring and transform your freelance business into a digital company. Scale your business faster and easier with a team.

Whether this is the route you want to take or not, incorporating some of these ideas into your service offering will have a significant impact on how your business operates.

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