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17 Types of online jobs work from home Jobs that Really Pay Off

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Some of us prefer the stability and security of a 9 to 5 office job. However, more and more people are opting for the flexibility of freelance work and working online on fixed office hours. [1]

Have you decided to transform the boring office landscape into an alternative workplace? Are you a working mom, a student looking for a lucrative part-time job? Or do you just feel like it’s time for a career change?

You’re in luck – today, moving to the home office is easier than ever. In this list of 17 types of work online, you are sure to find at least some suitable and fun jobs to start today. And earn good money in the process

Starting your online business

If you have made the decision to work from home rather than a regular office job, you will likely prefer to be your own boss while working online.

These online jobs allow you to manage your time yourself, reach your potential, and in many cases earn a lot of money.

1. Creator (selling your art online)

If you are good and talented at designing, crafting or creating, there is definitely a market for your art.

You can certainly sell your creations at offline events, such as crafts or Christmas markets.

However, selling online is likely to be more profitable and may even turn into a full-time online job. Especially when part of your art is digital.

Some great platforms to sell your work online:

Facebook is the most accessible place to start.

Create a page for your product or brand, invite all your contacts to participate and organize a contest with free gifts. In this way, you will publicize your product and gain your first fan base. You can also add a store to your Facebook page or join the Facebook Marketplace, which allows you to buy and sell directly in the app.

Etsy is the maximum well-known platform for showcasing handmade items. But even in case your paintings is virtual, you could promote it here. Some examples are wedding ceremony invitation templates, virtual posters, journals, purpose planners and to do lists, layout maps, etc.

If your artwork is much less tangible, you could create your on-line shop with Sellfy. Creative marketers use this device to promote virtual merchandise like video or image presets, e-books or copywriting templates, animations, jingles, beats, or maybe knitting patterns. Get stimulated through this listing of 25 Things to Sell to Make a Lot of Money.

Sell T-shirts, posters, mugs, hats, or maybe luggage together along with your layout or lovely quotes. Drop delivery offerings like Printful deal with all of the printing, packaging, branding or even sending on your place. You simply need to add designs, appeal to consumers after which obtain your profit. Some customers have stated incomes over $1,two hundred in 3 weeks with this service.

2. Become an online course tutor

Online learning is a booming market that is projected to reach $ 240 billion by 2023. [3]

If you specialize in design, photography, health and fitness, business, personal development, music, fashion, technology, writing or any other subject, there may be thousands of students waiting to learn from your own course.

You can first apply to tutor on popular online course platforms like Skillshare and Udemy. Also, be sure to create a trustworthy LinkedIn profile and offer a free introductory video for your own course.

There are teachers who earn more than $ 30,000 a year with Skillshare [4] while the top 10 Udemy tutors managed to earn $ 17 million in one year [5]. While these numbers are likely to be difficult for a budding teacher to come by, you can earn anywhere from $ 100 to $ 1000 after your first relevant lesson.

3. Product reviewer on YouTube

Most of us like to review a product on YouTube before we buy. Why not try to be on the other side of the screen by offering your own product review videos?

The good news is, you can rate products in your preferred niche, be it tech, beauty, home decor, fitness, or anything else.

Here are some ways to earn money getting product reviews on YouTube:

YouTube Ads – If you get a lot of views, advertising can be a good source of income.

Affiliate Marketing – Put the affiliate link in the video description and get a percentage of sale.

Earn money to create sponsored reviews – Get brands to hire you to review specific products. Sites like Famebit and Grapevine are a good place to look for paid sponsorship.

Over time, you can grow your audience, gain influence, and generate more deals by reviewing the products you love.

4. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate advertising is the manner of assisting every other internet site to promote their services or products through unique associate hyperlinks. When you join up for a company’s associate platform, you will acquire your specific hyperlink or hyperlinks, to be able to earn you a fee whenever a consumer clicks on them (or buys some thing after clicking).

Many bloggers use associate advertising as an internet paintings to earn cash from their writing. But you do not should be a author to make exact cash this way – you could sell associate hyperlinks for your YouTube channel, social media, Facebook agencies or forums, weblog publish comments, etc.

The largest bonus of associate advertising is that it frees you from the obligations of conventional income models, like having a product, internet site or income engine.

Most human beings paintings with multiple associate advertising sites. You can use an associate advertising community to look for gives to sell.

Shareasale, CJ Affiliate, and Amazon Associates are a number of the maximum famous associate networks today.

5. Blogging

As explained above, affiliate marketing is a popular source of income for bloggers. However, you can earn money as a writer using other means as well.

Some other ways to make money as a blogger (besides affiliate marketing):

Place ads on your blog and pay every time a visitor clicks on it.

Write a review about another company’s product or service. Make sure they are relevant to your audience and not your only content.

Offer additional paid content in your articles (eg downloadable ebooks, online consultations, or related products).

Do content marketing for your customers. You can write articles for your clients’ blogs or post guest posts on leading platforms, including links to your client’s sites. Your clients will pay you to spread the word about their services and increase their search engine rankings.

Writing for blogs and other media that pays guest contributors.

The most significant benefit of blogging is that you don’t need any budget to get started – just good writing skills and proficiency in a specific topic or some kind of unique experience.

6. Reselling

Reselling means finding a bargain that you can sell for more. This can be a viable online job if you have specific skills or knowledge that will allow you to find products that are less accessible to others. So they will be happy to pay more to have this product brought to you by you.

For example, you may be an expert at finding specialty items, big sales, or antiques. Or you could broker between states or countries, finding something cheap in one place and selling it to another audience.

You can also start by selling things you have at home that you no longer want. For resale, you can create your own online store or sell items on sites like eBay.

7. Photographer

If you love taking pictures, you can quickly turn this hobby into a source of income. Here are some ways photographers can make money online:

Teach photography. Share valuable tips and techniques that aspiring photographers want to know.

Selling posters or digital artwork. See point n. 1 [Selling your arts online].

Sell your photos on stock websites. ShutterStock, iStock and BigStock are the most popular photo databases. The amount paid for each download is generally low, so you should bet on the amount and upload new photos regularly. The key to getting noticed on stock websites is to add lots of relevant keywords that people will search for.

Offer your photography and photo editing skills on freelance platforms (see the following section on Finding Jobs Online on Freelance Platforms)

8. Website testing

Many websites lose money due to poor user interface, poor navigation, unclear text, or poor design. Therefore, companies are looking for people to test and review their website before launching it.

In most cases, you should express your thoughts out loud and record your actions on screen while browsing the site. Tests typically last between 525 minutes and the average pay is $ 10 per test.

Here is a list of platforms that website owners and testers can put together and offer a good job online.

Find work online on freelance platforms

If you’re not ready to venture into your own online business, promoting your services on freelance platforms is a great place to start working online. Some of the most popular independent platforms are Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer. [7]

Overall, Upwork brings together more freelancers and has broader earning potential than Fiverr. But even if the majority of Fiverr users make less than $ 100 a month, [8] 30% manage to earn between $ 100 and $ 499 and more. And why shouldn’t it be among the top earners?

In addition to joining these platforms, there are other ways to find your first customers. For example, through your friends and professional contacts; sharing your portfolio on your social networks; or by communicating directly with companies (for example, by offering a copywriting service for a website with incorrect text).

But first define your skills and make them your profession.

9. Copywriting, translating or proofreading

If writing is your strong suit, you can easily turn it into a source of income.

You can take good writing for granted: Anyone can write, right? In fact, many people are unable to create sales messages, full descriptions, or even social media posts. There is a large audience that is happy to outsource such tasks.

Similarly, many entrepreneurs write articles on their own website or blog that only need editing and proofreading or translation for other markets. All you have to do to attract this clientele is offer them your skills and experience.

List your areas of expertise on your resume and share examples of your work – this is how you stand out from the competition.

10. Web or Graphic designing

In our digital age, graphic design work is more in demand than ever.

If you have design skills and experience, here are just a few types of online work you can do:

Website and landing page design

Logo design

Mobile app design

Business cards and corporate souvenirs

Announcements, banners and marketing materials

Brochures, brochures, e-books

Packaging design

Presentation design

Various illustrations

In addition to freelance platforms, there are other reliable ways to earn money from your design work. [9]

For example, try adding your designs to the illustration databases, the 99Designs platform, or the Creative Marketplace, where designers set their own price for their artwork.

11. Language tutor

human beings had been eager to study new languages ​​since the beginning of times. Fortunately, it is much easier to master a new language today than it was centuries or even decades ago.

It does not matter if your mother tongue is English or one of the 7,000 world languages ​​[10]. You are sure to find students willing to study or practice with you.

Even better if you already have teaching experience. If you dont, upload a specific detail for your resume.

For example, you can include some cultural facts in your course, or make your lessons fun, informal or flexible at any time of the day, whatever it is.

12. Voice over

Many companies are looking for male or female voices to comment on their marketing or explainer videos.

Additionally, audiobooks, podcast intros, TV and radio commercials, tutorials, and even voicemail require professional voiceovers.

If you have excellent vocal skills in your native language, there is an opportunity to earn money from it. Best of all, this job is easy to do, as all you need is a computer, a good microphone, and a room with decent acoustics.

13. Customer support representatives

Many companies want to outsource customer support, especially if their customer base is global and they cannot provide 24/7 support with their own team.

If you want to help people or gain experience in this area, offering your services on independent platforms is a good place to start.

Email, social media, and chat support, as well as lead generation, are the most common tasks for an outsourced customer service representative.

However, the broader your range of services, the better your chances of landing a job. For example, you can add data entry jobs, social media management, reports, and other tasks to your resume.

On the other hand, as a mystery shopper, you may rate the quality of customer service from other online stores and websites. Remember that to get this serious online job, you need to do a bit of mystery shopping.

14. coach, advisor or Consultant

If you are an expert in literally every field, there are people who want to hear your opinion and learn from your experiences.

Here are just a few examples of different areas where you can get advice:

Business and Entrepreneurship

Marketing and Sales



Health and Fitness

Fashion and Style


Interior Design


Discover categories on Freelancer platforms and offers advice on those that are relevant to your work or experience. For example, if you have run a small business, please submit your inquiries in the Commercial or Marketing categories.

15. Accounting

Budgeting and finances are the nightmare of many business owners; It’s no wonder that countless companies are looking for ways to outsource these complex tasks.

If you’re good with numbers and have some accounting experience, your clientele will surely be out there.

Even better if you have legal knowledge such as starting a business, drafting contracts, or registering a trademark. This may be a skill relevant to your location, but it is still in high demand.

16. Virtual assistant

The capabilities of a virtual assistant can range from simple tasks like entering data or transcribing conversations to more complex web research and analysis, lead generation, Photoshop editing, travel planning, deep LinkedIn search, and accounting.

Start by defining your expertise and offering it on one of the freelance sites. The broader your skills and the better your qualifications, the more likely you are to make a living from this type of online job. On average, virtual assistants in the US make $ 15.57 an hour.

17. Social media managing

This work is sometimes included in Virtual Assistant. However, since social media management is a highly sought after skill, employers often search for it separately.

If you are a social media expert, you can create service packages that businesses can buy from you.

A basic monthly social media management package could include:

Set up a social media profile (if required)

Monitor 35 social media platforms responding to comments and messages

Create content and post multiple times a week

Add hashtags , Images and Links

Social Media Management is a high-paying form of online work that is in high demand . It is also a very flexible job as you can schedule posts anytime, anywhere.

If you choose this route, you should consider working with multiple clients at the same time to maximize your revenue.

The online work of your dreams is waiting

Being a professional at work online starts with determination.

Once you make the promise that you will work for your own benefit and growth, life must be organized to be productive and efficient. For freelancers too, there are numerous apps and resources to help you get more done with less work.

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