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5 Online Businesses You Can Start With No Money

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The Internet is the great compensation. In business in particular, he has leveled the playing field. Anyone can start an online business to make money, anyone with a computer. But here’s the thing: virtually no technical expertise is required. Today there are many tools you can use to build an online business that will make technical work much easier than in the past. You can also live where you want, set your own hours, and work as little or as much as you want, depending on how fast or how big you want your business to grow. Neither commercial or marketing experience is required. It is a truly democratic medium for entrepreneurship.

Remember there are more than 5 online business you can start with money, but we have picked out the best amongst all

And best of all, unlike a brick-and-mortar store, you don’t need a lot of start-up capital. In fact, you can start many Internet businesses without money because many free services make it easy. For example, you can use WordPress to set up a website or blog for free. Or you can use a third-party website like Amazon or eBay to sell products with no storage costs. They use your sales platform in exchange for giving them some of your sales.

And this is just the beginning of the many eCommerce startup solutions available at nomoney. Let’s look at five of the best ways to start an online business and make money online with little to no cost.

1. Drop Shipping

The main idea behind online dropshipping is that as a small business owner, you don’t need to maintain a large stock (or any other) of products or deliver to your customers. This eliminates the financial costs and risks of having non-salable products in stock and the hassle of shipping orders nationwide or worldwide. In fact, you don’t need to manufacture, store or preserve any products at all.

The only thing you should focus on is marketing and advertising to find customers and make a sale. Once the transaction is complete, the rest will do the rest. Your only costs are marketing and advertising to attract new customers.

Once done, you will be working with a dropshipping company. That’s how it works:

  1. You post items for sale on your website or on platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and Etsy.
  2. When one of your customers makes a purchase, you are buying the product from a third party (dropshipping, usually a manufacturer or wholesaler) at a lower price. This process is as simple as handing over an order from a customer, a process that can be fully automated. (Remember that you have no risk of buying inventory as the sale has already taken place.)
  3. Your drop shipper then sends the product or item to the customer

Simple enough, right? With dropshipping, you can offer a wide variety of products, keeping your business operating costs very low.

NOTE: As you can see, you don’t take any risk because you don’t even buy the product (at cost) until it actually sells!

What are the downsides of the dropshipping business model? You need to find a trusted, reliable shipper that you can trust to deliver to your customers. If an order is delayed or not shipped, or if a product is of poor quality, you are blamed because your company represents the product and the customer experience.

Because this market is so competitive, margins – i. H. The difference between the wholesale price and the price at which you can sell a product is smaller, so it will be a high volume business that will generate significant income. Still, it’s a free, inexpensive, or worthwhile start-up option.2

One way to differentiate yourself from the competition with a drop shipping business is to label your products privately. This simply means that you put your own label / brand on the products that the manufacturer develops. In this way, it does not sell the exact brand of product and only competes on price; Instead, you can use your own brand and face less competition.3 Think about this when looking for drugs at the pharmacy; the brands are sold at higher prices and people think that they are different from the generic brands even though the ingredients are exactly the same. Keep these important factors in mind when shopping around for a good drop shipping product.

Anyone considering a drop shipping business should seriously consider using to grow their business and learn more about becoming a profitable Amazon seller, given that Amazon is an established market where people already trust and have an existing customer base. Lastly, even though you can do this without an online store but i think you should also consider having your own online store couse it is more profitable.


  • Requires very little or no startup capital
  • No need to maintain inventory
  • You can leverage established marketplaces with existing customer bases


  • You can be blamed for your drop shipper’s mistakes
  • The market is very competitive
  • You must sell a lot to generate a good income

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is somewhat similar to drop shipping, but with a few key differences. Again, with this e-commerce model, you don’t keep an inventory of your own products and you don’t have to worry about shipping products to customers.

Basically, you are selecting a profitable niche for your online business and then looking for an affiliate partner that offers products in that niche. Some of the most popular affiliate sites are,, and CJ Affiliate from Conversant (formerly Commission Junction). Together, they offer virtually any digital information product (such as e-books, audio files, video files) or physical product that you can think of. Many well-known companies and brands, such as WalMart and Home Depot, operate their own affiliate programs.4 5

In affiliate marketing, you offer products for sale on your blog or on your e-commerce website, for example. Each product has a unique link that takes you to your account with your affiliate partner. A prospect who clicks on the link will be directed to the checkout in their partner’s shopping cart. Once you’ve purchased that purchase, you sign up and receive a commission.6 Commission amounts vary by affiliate partner, but are generally 5 to 25 percent or 50 percent or more for digital information products.7 As You can see, there is little risk on your part and virtually no investment required. As with drop shipping, your only expenses are marketing and advertising to drive traffic and generate sales.

The decisive difference with dropshipping is that the business model is even more tangible. All you have to do is provide the customer with a link to click and the dealer will take care of everything; Billing, order fulfillment, customer service, etc.

All you need to do is do marketing for your potential customers to buy (via social media, email marketing, blogging, or whatever method you choose). But after clicking the affiliate link, it is no longer in your hand. No need to ship products or answer customer service questions. And you certainly don’t need to keep an inventory.

All you need to do is focus on free and paid ways to market your business online.

Affiliate marketing is really one of the types of “surrender” online businesses you can start.


  • No initial investment required
  • Hands-off business model


  • You’re responsible for driving traffic to the affiliate link (no traffic also means no money)
  • May need to spend money on advertising and marketing products

3. Blogging

If you have the experience, passion, or interest in a topic, you are ready to make money blogging. With a service like Blogger (, you can start your blog for free. You can also create your own site and get your own hosting for a low price, which is generally the way I recommend, as many free blogging sites have restrictions on what you can say or do, including making money or promoting it .8

You may think that blogs are about writing. And it can be if that’s what you want to do. But blogging is just the starting point. You can post photos, videos, and links to other websites, you can even repost news and other articles … it’s all really a game as long as it relates to your niche.

The key is that you want to publish original content that is useful to your audience and that you publish it regularly. This is the best way to rank in search engines and get your audience to act too.

What kind of content should I serve? Everything that attracts your potential customer. How-to Topics, Top 10 Lists, Comments on Trends in Your Niche, Tips and Tricks Articles; basically, it should provide useful content. There is no shortage of ideas for your blog.

There are many ways to make money from an online business blog.

a. Google AdSense.

Have you ever visited a website and seen an ad there? It may have been an ad served through the Google ad network.

These Pay-per-click ads appear on your website or blog. Every time someone clicks on an ad (which is supposed to be related to a topic related to your niche), you will earn pennies or more. Small amounts each time, but they really add up. This is simple. All you have to do is request a code from Google, place it on your website and the ads will appear on your blog automatically. Google only shows ads that are relevant to your blog so your visitors have a good experience and maximize the number of clicks that generate the most revenue.

Blog ad networks.

You can also partner with non-Google ad networks such as Blogads and place banner ads on your blog. As with Google Adsense ads, you put the code once on your site and when visitors click on the ad you get paid. In addition to banner ads, you can also place video ads on your site.

In many cases, you can earn more money with blog ad networks, but they typically only work with blogs that have tens of thousands of monthly visitors or more; unlike Google Ads, where you can get started right away, no matter how much traffic you get.

Affiliate marketing.

you ought to know that. You include links to products that you promote as an affiliate and every time someone buys a product you earn a commission. With a blog, you can integrate ads with your content to increase the likelihood of sales. For example, you can make a product review which is useful content and then include a link to buy the product under your affiliate link.

Here are some effective blogging tips to help people find your blog and come back to you. This is the key to building subscribers and turning your blog into a profitable venture.

You need to deliver useful content in a fun way.

If your blog is boring or you find information somewhere, no one will read it. Feel free to post your personality on the blog.

You need to post content regularly.

People are hungry for new things, so make sure you post articles, videos, etc. regularly. This could be one post a day or three times a week. However, stick to the same schedule. A scattered post history means loss of readers.

Tip: Try to publish at least one new post, video, or other content each week.

Be genuine.

Yes, your blog should make money. But you can’t keep making marketing moves. Focus on useful content so that readers know you, like you, and trust you. Then they will naturally click on your ad or buy the products you recommend. In the age of the internet and social media, people are looking for authenticity.

Do all of this and you will get the attention of search engines like Google, who are always trying to put useful, relevant content at the top of search results11. This is the essence of content marketing.

You can create a blog in less than an hour. However, it takes time to make money as your readership grows, and only a small percentage of those people buy your products.


  • Very low start up costs
  • You can work according to your own schedule


  • Earning money can take a long time.
  • Content creation and publication can take a long time.

4. Online Video

Have you watched YouTube videos lately? Of course you do! It is one of the most popular websites in the world, with over 2 billion users watching hundreds of millions of hours of video every day. And not all cats do fun things.

You can use the power of YouTube to make money online. No, you’re not trying to make a viral movie, so to speak, although if it really does spread around the world and is watched by millions, that’s fine.

Instead, you will apply a proven strategy to increase the number of views of your videos on a regular basis. You’ll create useful content – something interesting people will want to watch. And it works in many different niches. It could be an instructional video or a video talking about a topic that interests people in your niche – there are no limits.

You make money from ad revenue. The first step is to create a YouTube account and start uploading your videos. You then turn on monetization in YouTube settings. Basically, this gives Google the ability to place short AdSense ads on your videos that you saw when you watched the video on YouTube. When viewers click on these ads, you get paid.

Another opportunity to earn money on the YouTube channel is paid sponsorship. Build a large enough follower group and companies will be happy to pay you to promote or mention their products and services in your videos.

Tips for creating professional and good looking videos (no expensive professional equipment required):

  1. You can use your phone or a easy video camera. But ensure the lights is right in order that the whole thing to your video is obvious and clean to see.
  2. Make positive the audio is obvious. You do not need an air con hum, production noise, or different distractions.
  3. Use easy enhancing software program like iMovie to position titles at the start of the video and to edit out any flubs.

Above all, recall that your motion pictures may be easy and do not ought to be slick. Just offer beneficial content material and be attractive and interesting. Funny helps, too.

And to increase the attain of your motion pictures, make sure to put up them in your Facebook enterprise page, Twitter, your blog, and different channels. Let humans recognise you are withinside the video enterprise now.

In addition to advert sales from YouTube motion pictures, you could additionally use your YouTube channel to force site visitors again on your website, wherein site visitors can examine your product reviews, click on at the advertisements in your website, or maybe get onto your e-mail subscriber list—wherein you could make a couple of income together along with your e-mail list.


You can use your present telephone or computer

It works throughout numerous exceptional niches


Creating and posting good and qaulity videos may be time-consuming

It might also additionally take some time to start making revenue

5. Information Products

When you’ve got got a web business, it would not must be approximately promoting bodily merchandise. In fact, virtual statistics merchandise are one of the simplest and fastest methods to make cash.

There’s no scarcity of methods to create statistics merchandise, however the maximum famous codecs include:

  • Audio: a recorded teleconference, interview, course, or a few different spoken-phrase product
  • Video: a recorded webinar, a how-to, an interview
  • Text: an ebook, an education e-book of a few sort, a journey guide

In every of those categories, you could clearly get innovative and make any kind and layout of content, so long as it is attractive and useful.

No count which manner you do it, it is passive income—cash you earn even as you sleep due to the fact you placed those merchandise up on the market for your internet site and a client should purchase and down load them any time of day or night, automatically. All you need to do is test the income periodically to peer what subjects or styles of merchandise are promoting nice so that you could make extra of those.


Can carry in passive earnings when you placed the product at the market

Can be a short manner to make money


Creating a product takes a few prematurely paintings and time

You may also want to make investments a few cash initially

Now Putting It All Together

The trick with any on line enterprise is to ensure you are in a worthwhile area of interest market. So make sure to preserve a watch on trends, take a look at out bestseller lists on webweb sites like Amazon, and do not forget what humans are discussing on social media everyday.

Important: One component to preserve in thoughts is which you do not must limition your self to simply this type of e-trade opportunities.

Try to start out with one and get it going. Then upload new sales streams as you are able. That will develop your earnings and make certain which you have some thing to fall returned on need to one enterprise begin going south.


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