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7 Freaalance Work From Home Jobs To Help You Grow

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Want to get rid of the 9 to 5 office and find a legal job from the work of a family freelancer? For many people, this is a dream that may not be difficult to achieve.

Questions Answered

  • What are freelance jobs?
  • What are some of the best freelance jobs from home?
  • What do those freelance gigs generally pay?
  • What freelance jobs are in demand?
  • Some of the highest paying freelance gigs

Available freelance jobs are at the highest level in history and continue to grow year after year.

Are you ready to join and work for your home? Here are some freelance jobs that can help you get started!

What do you think of when you hear the word “freelancing”?

Maybe a young professional writing in pajamas and holding coffee in the comfort of his home? Or use HoneyBook while you are lying in bed to answer calls and manage your customers’ virtual assistants?

No matter how you look at them, these freelancers have been busy with stable, high-paying jobs.

As companies around the world continue to outsource specific tasks, there are more and more freelance jobs in the freelance market, and you can complete tasks in the comfort of your own bed.

They are looking for someone with specific skills (working at a desk in pajamas)-skills you might have!

What Are Freelance Jobs?

Freelance work is a contract work or task performed by a freelancer for an organization, rather than working full-time in the company.

Self-employed persons are not considered employees, but are generally considered contractors.

Merriam Webster defines a “freelancer” as someone who engages in a certain profession without making a long-term commitment to any employer.


Note: Earning potential varies by location, skill level, and location.


The most common and obvious freelance job at home is freelance writing. There are countless copywriting jobs, from copywriting to news, social media blogs, and product descriptions.

What Is Freelance Writing?

Freelance writing means that individual writers make money on the basis of each task through their own writing (usually a short-term job). Freelance writers are not employees of the company, which allows them to do different jobs for different people or companies.

If you are a young professional with quality writing skills, this may be a good way to generate additional income or replace a full-time job.

Now more than ever, writers are needed to create ideas to populate websites on the Internet. The current size of the World Wide Web/Internet contains at least 5.23 billion pages (WorldwideWeb size). There is a lot to write!

Although many large companies and websites have internal copywriting, more and more companies are turning to freelancers when outsourcing writing work.

Editing and proofreading can also be classified as independent writing. If you pay attention to details, freelance editing and proofreading may be a good choice for you.

Earning Potentials

The cost of writing as a freelancer varies by client and their overall experience. Many people make between $ 50 and $ 700 per item, which makes it a very interesting option for freelance work at home.

2. Marketing And PR 

With a mobile phone and an Internet connection, you can carry out marketing or public relations work from the comfort of your home. On occasion,

may have live meetings and / or Skype calls (just put on a decent shirt), but this is definitely something that can thrive in the comfort of your home.

Social media coordinators and management tasks also fall into this category because they are so easy to do anywhere.

Earning Potentials

The type of marketing and public relations work will largely determine the fees you can charge as a freelancer. Many charges range from $ 50 to $ 150, but your market and your overall experience also play a role in hourly rates.


Medical and legal jobs are the two main types of transcription work available. They usually need to have some knowledge of the industry (like most other work from home), but this can also be obtained at work.

Cell phones, computers, and desks at home are usually the only tools needed to do most of the work.

Earning Potentials

Each type of transcription work will be different. Some pay by the hour, while others pay by the audio minute. Legal transcription can generate $1.50 and $5.00 per minute, and medical care is at the low end of the legal scope.

Virtual Assistant 

With a large number of companies operating online, it is no wonder that many companies hire virtual assistants to help them stay organized.

With experience as a personal assistant, administrative assistant or office manager, you can sit in the driver’s seat and do similar work for various clients (at home).

Although the tasks of virtual assistants vary, tasks usually include writing and replying to emails, creating/distributing documents, answering business-related queries, etc.

Earning Potentials

The earning potential of virtual home assistants often varies depending on the type of work performed. On average, they usually charge between US$15 and US$65 per hour (which is a large range), but this depends largely on who you work for and your current skill level.

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Call Center

The work of a virtual call center is similar to that of an office call center, but does not include commuting. Many companies need fluent people who can answer the phone at any time to help customers with general inquiries, problem solving, and other requests.

As more and more companies operate online, these call center jobs are becoming more and more popular and provide many new opportunities for domestic workers.

This type of work requires a computer, a mobile phone, and usually specific software that the company may provide. The company or employer you work for may also provide supplies and training (if more part-time or full-time work).

A strong telephone (voice) presence, customer service experience, and data entry expertise will usually cover the skills required to perform this job.

Earning Potentials

Most call center freelancers earn about $13-15 per hour, which provides a simple and decent salary opportunity for working from home.


Do you know another language apart from your’s? If so, you may be sitting in a working gold mine. Most translators work from home, and depending on their skills, they can keep themselves busy.

Although some employers require a bachelor’s degree, the main requirement for translation is fluency (your speaking and writing skills).

Earning Potentials

In 2016, the median income of the top 10% of workers was $ 83,010, but the median earning potential largely depends on their skills and overall experience.

Web Developer

If you don’t add web development, the list will be incomplete. You generally don’t need an advanced degree to start working in this field. You just need a little higher education, applicable experience, and a portfolio of successful websites that you have built and managed.

Many companies are not equipped or do not have the right skills to build their own network assets, which is why so many people make a living building them.

The vast majority of free web developers can work from home. If you have a laptop and a fast internet connection, you can get started!

Earning Potentials

Skills, type of development, and the entire project itself will all play a role in the content you attract. Many freelancers pay per project, but most charge by the hour. This can range from $ 25 to $ 150 per hour.

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