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Adsense alternative: The Easiest Way to Earn Money with adsterra

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Do you want to make more money from your website traffic, or from even your social media traffic? Looking for a better AdSense alternative? If so, Adsterra is for you. It’s the best platform for publishers and advertisers to reach more audiences and generate more profit.

Are you a blogger looking for the easiest way to monetize your blog traffic? or are you an advertiser looking for the cheapest way to increase your brand or product exposure? Well, there’s a great platform for advertisers and publishers, and it’s Adsterra.

What is Adsterra?

Today, Adsterra is a world-renowned advertising/CPA affiliate network with a remarkable partner care approach. Advanced, easy-to-use traffic solutions and industry teams help advertisers achieve KPIs, improve ROI, and maximize eCPM for publishers.

With over 150,000 successful campaigns, we currently deliver over 30 billion unique ad impressions each month.

As of today they work with over 18,000 direct publishers, over 12,000 brands, affiliates, media agencies, and advertising networks serving mainstream and non-mainstream enterprises.

  • 30+ billion impressions per month
  • 150K+ successful campaigns
  • 248+ Geos covered
  • 18K+ direct publishers

Overall, if you’re looking for a better alternative to AdSense, Adsterra is a solid choice. It’s also a great platform for anyone who wants to advertise to reach a larger audience. Malvertising is not allowed on the

Adsterra. Malware, redirects, unwanted downloads and warnings are strictly prohibited.

What you need before you to start making money from Adsterra

There are several things you need to be approved by the Adsterra publishing platform.

  • You must have content on your website (sites under construction, sites without content are of course not allowed!)
  • Your site shouldn’t have too many ads (that is, sites with more than 15 banners and more than 5 pops per page are not allowed).
  • You can make money even if you have a non-English blog (that is, you can make money with Adsterra even if you have a Hindi-related blog).
  • The Best thing about Adsterra is that it has no traffic restrictions. They recently changed their traffic volume policy and are now accepting smaller websites as well. Apart from that, the amount of traffic on your website is not important as it helps you grow with them. Traffic quality is really important for approving websites on the Adsterra Network.

Let’s talk about the Adsterra review without any further hassle. That way, you can explore what Adsterra reviews can offer as a publisher or advertiser.

Why Adsterra?: 4 Benefits of Using Adsterra

There are many benefits of using adsterra, but here I am listing the most common four benefits of adsterra

1. With Adsterra You Enjoy Instant income and HIGH CPM rates

You can monetize all kinds of traffic, not just Facebook pages, but all kinds of social media. With adsterra Smart Direct Link, you can monetize any type of traffic.

Adsterra Direct Link (also called Smart Direct Link) is an ad unit for monetization for publishers and webmasters. There is no visual format for the ads, just the URL.

Request this unique URL from Adsterra and use it to monetize your website, mobile app, or social traffic.

If you have a popular Facebook (or other social media) page and want to monetize your efforts with fan engagement, Adsterra can do it easily. You can also do the same on your websites and blogs. That’s how beautiful it is to make money online with Adsterra.

In short, all you need to do is to put the code on your website, Facebook page, or blog and start making money every time a visitor sees or clicks on an ad. It’s as easy as that.

With the Adsterra network, you can not only earn instant income but also get the highest CPM rate in the industry. You may be wondering what the CPM rate is. Let me explain in brief.

Cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) is the price of 1,000 ad impressions on a web page or social page. If the publisher of the website charges $ 1 CPM, it means that the advertiser will have to pay $ 1 for every 1,000 impressions of the ad.

This is where Adsterra pays publishers the highest CPM rates and can monetize each ad impression with 100% ad placement.

Example: If you get 10,000 visitors and 20,000 total pageviews per day and your CPM rate is $2, your revenue will be 20000/1000 = 20 CPM x $ 2 = $ 40 per day.

$ 40 a day, an average of $ 1200 a month from a single source like Adsterra, isn’t a bad income. To start earning more money from adsterra ads each month, you need to make sure you have a high-traffic website or Facebook page.

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2. Wide range of ad formats (multiple ads sizes)

Adsterra offers a wide range of ad formats, including:

  • Video Advertising (VAST)

You can display a short video as an ad that appears before the main content. AdSterra hosts videos using VAST / VPAID tags or using a WordPress video plugin player such as FluidPlayer.

  • Native ads

Native is editable brand content. In this example, the native is displayed in the form of a banner containing articles from partner sites.

  • social bar

In 2020, Adsterra succeeded in inventing and launching SocialBar, an advertising format limited to the entire advertising market. Its main function is complete customization.

This means that the motif can take any shape depending on your desires and goals. Social bar ads help publishers get the highest CPM, and advertisers get 10 to 30 times more CTR (compared to regular web pushes). The

Social Bar uses a dynamic iframe that does not block web content. Simple iFrames appear blank, but you can’t click on the content on other pages. Adsterra Creative’s dynamic iframes allow website users to click, expand, and collapse ads while navigating the site to absorb content.

ways to set up an ad in Adsterra in 4 easy steps.

  • Place Adsterra pixels on your website or blog
  • Providing a landing page with a high conversion rate,
  • Start making a profit

Adsterra also offers the most popular banner sizeswhich are (160 * 600, 300 * 250, 728 * 90, 468 * 60, 800 * 440, 320 * 50).

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3. Adsterra attract high quality advertisers

Adsterra uses retargeting to enable quality advertisers to display ads on blogs, websites, or Facebook pages.

If you’re wondering what retargeting is, here’s a quick explanation.

Did you know that on your first visit only 2 out of 100 visitors to your website will convert?

it’s Not enough, right? This is where retargeting comes in handy. This is an effective way to reach the remaining 98% of website visitors who don’t get immediate conversions.

This is basically how it works (designed by the Adsterra team). With the retargeting feature, you can make more money from your Adsterra ads, attract relevant and quality advertisers, and place your ads on your website.

Basically, retargeting is a smart advertising feature that produces great results, also known as revenue.

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4. Absolute bliss for all types of advertisers

As mentioned throughout the post, Adsterra is not limited to publishers as well as advertisers.

Are you a marketer social media influence, or product developer who wants to increase the exposure of your brand or product? Adsterra should b your perfect choice. With the

Adsterra advertising platform, you’ll have instant access to over 18,000 direct publishers. Easily plan, launch, manage and analyze all of your advertising campaigns to increase your online presence.

You can use this link to request a free consultation with an Adsterra expert to discuss a limited-budget advertising campaign.

In adsterra, Advertiser’s minimum deposit is $ 100.

Now you may ask how do I get started as an advertiser with Adsterra?

Starting with adsterra as an advertiser, you need to start bidding to publish your ad. The

Adsterra basically offers a variety of pricing models such as CPM, CPC, CPA, CPI, CPL, RTB, and RevShare. adsterra’s CPM is considered the most effective advertising pricing model. All advertisers submit their bids/adverts to place their ads on the Adsterra publishing platform. The impression is that you are the winning bidder, and the ads are served on the publisher’s site (ie blogs, websites, and Facebook pages).

If you request a free consultation with the Adsterra support team, you can use your credit card (minimum deposit of $ 100) to deposit directly from your account or through Paxum.

Adsterra’s advertiser payment methods include Visa / Master, Paxum, Capitalism, Paypal, WebMoney, Wire Transfer.

Adsterra typically provides “exclusive retargeting” with pop-under advertising for mobile and desktop users. This method does not aggressively reach the target group, but it is very effective. You can also use adsterra’s display banner to showcase your ads on the Adsterra advertising platform.

Do you want to set up an advertising campaign on the Adsterra platform?

Get started with hassle-free SSP from the adsterra platform Adsterra

Adsterra also offers SSPs (Self-Service Platforms) to promote your business, applications, and products and reach more people online with a limited budget.

This is the basics of how it works.

Here are the advantages of SSP:

  • You can speed up the creation of your advertising campaign
  • You have 100% more control than the campaign settings
  • You can easily place each one so you can monitor the performance of your ads

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There are other Benefits of the Adsterra for publishers:

Using Adsterra has several other benefits for publishers.

  • You will get access to Adsterra Partner Care program. Here, you’ll get a personal touch, quick response, world-class problem-solving skills, and access to design some concepts developed in-house. (Adsterra has industry-leading Partner Care training that all managers must pass, so managers are generally understanding, compassionate, and caring people. which is the success of each client.) ..
  • BackURL is used to return unacceptable traffic (proxy, iframe, etc. . See T&Cs). They don’t waste your website space. You can monetize all your traffic with Adsterra.
  • They prefer quality over quantity. There is no limit on website traffic. The traffic volume of your website does not matter(which is the best part for me: We will help you grow with us. What is counted for the consent of your site at Adsterra network is your traffic quality.
  • Life reference program . Each Partner who has participated in Adsterra through your referral code manager will add 5% of their income to your income.
  • Always. adsterra uses BackURL to return traffic that they don’t accept (proxy, iFrame, etc., make sure to see Terms and Conditions.) Don’t waste your website’s space! You can monetize all your traffic with Adsterra.
  • An in-house developed anti-ad blocking solution that can help increase the amount of traffic sold
  • Multi-step system to protect partners from inappropriate ads
  • An intelligent AI-based optimization tool intelligently analyzes your traffic and chooses the most profitable offers suitable for the audience to effectively monetize the website.
  • Transparent and detailed statistics in personal accounts. Real-time performance tracking
  • API integration available
  • You are the master of your advertising pipeline. All stream settings are customizable and you can choose to exclude industries. Please let us know your preferences.
  • Fixed Payment Twice a Month
  • Minimum payout is just $5 for Webmoney & Paxum and $100 for other payment systems.
  • Automatic payments

There are also other Benefits for advertisers:

The benefits of being an advertiser are:

  • Partner Care: Personal touch, quick response, world-class problem-solving capabilities, access to in-house developed design concepts.
  • Actual traffic from over 18,000 direct publishers around the world.
  • Easy Launch: Launching a campaign takes less than an hour.
  • Traffic Estimator provides volume and bid quotes.
  • Three-layer fraud prevention.
  • Top Industry Department: VPN, Utilities, Subscriptions, Sweepstakes, Encounters, Gambling, Adult Paysites, Cameras.
  • Target user activity with 20+ filters and retarget options. Similarly, rarely find browser version, operating system version, carrier, user lifespan, and IP targeting, etc.
  • Easy API and tracking integration.

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There are also Pros and Cons to Adsterra

I can’t close the review without talking about the pros and cons, and this Adsterra review post is no exception. Here are some of Adsterra’s strengths and weaknesses.


  • It is one of the best options for Google AdSense.
  • It serves both desktop and mobile ads (thus increasing the chances of making more money from website traffic).
  • It offers a wide range of advertising options such as Popunder, Social Bar (new!), InPage Push Ads, Banner Ads, Native Ads, Video Preroll (VAST), DirectLink and more. Social Bar is a new and innovative ad format developed by Adsterra (+30 higher CR compared to Web Push). Unlike AdSense.
  • You can also monetize popular (high-traffic) Facebook and other social media pages.
  • Adsterra offers a wide range of payment options. For publishers: PayPal, Bitcoin, WebMoney, Paxam, Wire Transfer, Bitcoin, Tether. For advertisers: WebMoney, Paxum, PayPal, bank transfer, capitalist, bank card (always expanding)
  • The minimum payment is really low: it’s only $ 5 for Webmoney and Paxum
  • Adsterra has no traffic restrictions. The quality of traffic is really important for approving a website on the Adsterra Network.
  • For advertisers, Adsterra can offer the most effective ad formats to reach a larger audience on a limited budget, and its retargeting capabilities help connect with more customers in the industry.


  • Some payment methods require written confirmation
  • No demographic targeting yet

As you can see the pros are way more better than the cons so why are you not using adsterra?

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