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All About Being A Web Developer: (how to become a web developer)

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Web developers use programming languages ​​to create and maintain websites. Training and experience must be combined to enter this dynamic and expanding career path or should i say to become a web developer.

As the technology sector continues to expand, web developers take on or has many opportunities to advance and grow their careers. These professionals play an important role in technology by creating beautiful and functional websites. The

web developers work for large technology companies, start-ups, and small developers. many web developers are also looking for freelance opportunities. Web developer profession offer above average salaries and high demand. The average salary of web developers exceeds $ 77,000 annually.

There are several steps to take before you become a web developer. Up-and-coming developers get a boot camp, certificate, or degree to build the technical skills they need for their career path. This article provides a step-by-step overview of the path to becoming a web developer, from educational requirements to the job market. It also introduces different types of web developers, important considerations before starting a web development career, and related careers.

What kind of web developer should I be?

In the field of web development, professionals are dedicated to front-end, back-end, or full-stack development. Different types of web developers require different skills. Learners need to consider their strengths, previous experiences and interests when choosing a focus area.


Front-end developers program the user-oriented side of your website. Create the visual look of your website using programming languages ​​such as HTML and CSS. Front-end developers also use JavaScript to create interactive functions.

Best Use: Professional with experience in visual or graphic design. Someone who enjoys working intimately with digital designers and copywriters. People with strong cooperation and customer contact skills.


The backend developer programs the server side of the website. Connect your site to databases and application programming interfaces (APIs) to get information. Backend developers also value speed and security.

Best use: Expert with database or algorithm experience. Someone with strong abstract thinking skills. People who enjoy working closely with database administrators and security specialists.


Full-stack developers bring both front-end and back-end skills to the role. They bridge two disciplines by working on the user side and the server side of the site. For this reason, full-stack developers require the widest range of technical skills.

Best Use: Professionals with strong programming skills in multiple languages ​​and frameworks; Experience as a front-end or back-end developer. Those who prefer to work closely with developers, designers and other engineers.

Things to think-about before becoming a web developer

There are many benefits to a web development career, including high demand and above-average salaries. However, professionals need to research the employment market and education needs before becoming a web developer.

  • Web developers are benefiting from high demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) forecasts above-average job growth for web developers from 2020 to 2030.
  • As the number of web development jobs increases, remote work opportunities are offered. During the COVID 19 pandemic, many employers switched to working remotely, improving their opportunities to work from home.
  • web developers earn above average salaries. The average salary for web developers in 2020 was $ 77,200.
  • learners can fill in fields using a degree or certificate. Coding bootcamps can also lay the foundation for web development. As
  • technology continues to evolve, web developers need to stay up to date through consistent learning and skill development.
  • Web developers work with the team. This requires strong collaboration, teamwork, and communication skills. The
  • subject offers several types of expertise, such as site design, security, information architecture, and web application design.
  • Web developers often need multiple programming languages ​​to enter the field. In addition to core languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, many roles require SQL, Python, Java, PHP, or other languages.

How do I become a web developer?

It can take months or years to start your career profession as a web developer. Experienced technical professionals can add web development skills through the

Accelerated Boot Camp. Beginners may require a certificate or degree, as well as internship or freelance experience. This section describes how to become a web developer.


Web developers begin their journey by studying web development. Aspiring developers will benefit from multiple educational channels. For example, many universities and private companies offer programming boot camps focused on web development. Learners can also obtain a certificate or degree of web development.

The most important programming languages ​​for web development are:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

Depending on the field, web developers can also use SQL, Java, PHP, or Python. According to

BLS, an associate degree is a general entry requirement for a career as a web developer. 4,444 degree aspiring developers in other areas can quickly build web developer skills through boot camps or certification programs. Accelerated coding bootcamps usually last about 1224 weeks, but certificates last 912 months. 4,444 students graduated from

with degrees in web development, computer programming, and computer science. The

Engineering Technology Certification Board (ABET) certifies web development programs.


At the beginning of the process before you become a web developer, an aspiring developer begins to create a portfolio that introduces the project. This portfolio demonstrates expertise in various programming languages, web development frameworks, and development skills. In a project-based web development program, learners gradually expand their portfolio.

web developers can also expand their portfolio with internship projects, side projects and freelance activities. For example, building a website from scratch or with a content management system like WordPress demonstrates your web development skills. Many web developers create their own specialized websites to showcase their portfolio.


Internships help web developers strengthen their skills, select disciplines, and build professional networks. During the internship, developers work in a professional environment and learn about their career as a web developer. Internships can really be rewarded-they help web developers stand out in the employment market.

web development students can complete an internship as part of their research. Schools connect learners with internship opportunities and often award internship credits. Web developers can also do internships outside of school. Many employers post internship opportunities on their websites and job applications.


Web developers specialize in three main areas: front-end development, back-end development, or full-stack development. Front-end developers focus on the user-oriented side of the website, while back-end developers work on the server side. Full stack developers cover both.

Each discipline focuses on a variety of skills and programming languages. Developers choose their area of ​​expertise based on their skills, education, and interests. Developers also need to research local demand so that they can choose their area of ​​expertise.

5. YOU CAN NOW CREATE YOUR RESUME AND APPLY FOR JOBS (even befor you become a web developer).

After acquiring technical skills and building a portfolio, web developers create resumes and apply for positions. Web developer resumes should emphasize their technical skills and projects. Web developers who focus on front-end development also need design experience.

Most web developer resumes have a section that lists programming languages, frameworks, and software skills. Web developers unfamiliar with this task should list all their freelance or project-related experiences. You should also list work experience in other areas that demonstrate strong time management, teamwork, and organizational strength.

web development interviews often include competence tests. About 10% of web developers work as freelancers. The Freelancer Network finds customers and submits applications for contract positions. Many freelancers also find jobs on freelance websites.


Like many other technical jobs, a career as a web developer requires continuous learning. As programming languages ​​evolve and new tools become the norm, web developers need to constantly update their technical skills. The

Web Development Certification helps professionals stay up to date and show their strengths to their employers. Many organizations offer technical certifications. For example, the International Web Association offers several focused certifications as Certified Web Professionals. Web developers can be certified in the areas of site design, server management, e-commerce, or cybersecurity.

Most certifications require a combination of training and experience. Candidates usually pass the exam to qualify. Certified web developers may need to meet educational requirements in order to qualify.


Web developers work in the growing technology sector. In addition to web development, up-and-coming technical professionals can specialize in areas such as software development, cybersecurity, software engineering, and video game developments.


Software engineers design, test, and develop software programs. Compared to web developers, software engineers require more powerful engineering and computer science skills. Most software engineers have a degree in software engineering or computer science.


Video Game Developer writes the code for the video game. They work with game designers to turn the concept into a playable game. Like web developers, video game developers also needs strong programming skills.

How will it take me to become a web developer?

How will it take to become a web developer? Aspiring web developers usually get a certificate of web development or an associate degree. These programs last for 12 years. Some employers prefer to hire applicants with a bachelor’s degree.

What are web developers salary?

According to BLS data for May 2020, the average web developer salary exceeds $77,000 per year. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Salary depends on position, experience and location.

Can a web developers work from home?

Yes, web developers can many at times work remotely. Freelance web developers typically work from home, and many employers allow flexible working hours for technicians.


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