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Content Writing: Six Tips To Easily Find Interesting Topics

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Imagination. Created compelling content and interesting topics on your blog. As a content marketer, you know in content writing you need fresh and relevant ideas for blogging topics. Also, make sure your target audience loves it.

Then you ran out of ideas.

Now you are stuck and looking for a way to overcome the situation.

What are you doing now?

Where is the content that is interesting to the viewer?

How do you choose the right topic for your next content creation?

In this blog post, you’ll learn some easy ways to come up with interesting content ideas for your next blog post.

Now let’s get started, but first

What Is Content Writing

Content writing is the process of planning, creating, and editing web content, typically for digital marketing purposes. This includes content for specific platforms such as blog posts and article creation, video and podcast scripting, Twitter Tweetstorms and Reddit text posts.

Tip #1: Research what your competitors are doing and how they are doing it

It’s okay to learn from someone who is as ambitious as you and committed to their goals.

If you have the same audience and want to know what they are doing, try the following approach:

  • Check out popular posts on competitors’ websites.
  • Check the topics they are talking about and how they present them.
  • Pay attention to the wide range of topics they write and discuss on your blog.

Of course, you don’t want to copy their articles, you want to make something unique for your readers.

Use WriterZen’s topic detection tool to enter a content marketing strategy in the search bar and you’ll see 54 random topics related to your content marketing strategy.

It’s a weekly post over a year! See also the sentence “Show Ideas” below


Clicking on it will give you lots of ideas on how other websites use content marketing strategies as a posting topic.

Obtaining this kind of information gives you clues as to how to find angles and assemble topics with future content.

Of course, doing research is not enough. You need to combine it with quantitative data.

And that leads us to Tip # 2.

Tip #2: Use keyword research tools

Keyword research tools can help you identify the keywords you use on your website.

Used to search for new keywords, analyze and generate existing keywords.

Return to the example content marketing strategy above.

: When you enter this keyword using the WriterZen Keyword Explorer, a section called Keyword Options appears in the left navigation menu.

: Search term entered in the Google search bar. Using keyword

, group information about topics. For example, you can use the content marketing strategy framework, content strategy framework, and content marketing strategy in Blog Post.

This clustering method is described in more detail later.

Do you need more keywords? Get started with WriterZen today!

Tip #3: Explore trends in social media

Social media trends are a great way to find potential topics that will interest your target audience.

  • . You can go to Twitter Trends and explore popular hashtags in your niche. Go to
  • or Facebook to see the most popular posts by engagement.

Buzzsumo makes it easy to find these messages.

Popular topics get more attention.

This is the best article because it increases your chances of attracting many potential customers.

Therefore, to take advantage of this, it is recommended to drive traffic with offers or lead capture.

Tip #4: Discover questions your audience is asking about

It is human nature that people are interested in what they want.

And when they are interested, they ask a question and ask for an answer to their question.

Where do they usually go when this happens?

Connect online to search for search queries.

  • Collect questions from people searching for questions on the Internet.
  • Use these questions to create a FAQ section for your blog.
  • Or, as multiple subtopics of a core topic, you’ll be amazed at how people are involved in this type of content.

This process can be done manually, but we want to quickly gain insight into the audience’s questions and reduce the time spent pondering the survey.

Tip #5: Review old content to expand on a much bigger topic

Your blog is like a library full of information related to your niche topic.

I’ve spent years writing informative and informative topics in my blogging career, but it’s worth analyzing if there are other hidden subtopics that can be extended.

  • The trick here is to see which keywords your blog post is ranked for.
  • Enter this into your keyword search tool to see other terms that could be potential ideas for your next blog post.

Next, use the keyword clustering tool to group related keywords by topic. When using WriterZen’s keyword clustering tool, all you have to do is list all the keywords and place them in it, and it does all the hard work for you.

Isn’t it cool?

Tip #6: Collect questions from surveys, support emails, and comments

If everything else fails, but you have social media followers and mailing lists, use them to research your audience and find valuable information.

For example, blog readers may have some new ideas on how to consume content in a social media marketing niche market.

Are they reading it on their desktop or mobile?

Maybe they are more interested in writing tips for social media content than your favorite social media marketing books.

  • Create a database of all the words, feedback, and questions you frequently see in polls, support emails, and comments so you can see other topics you can discuss on your blog.
  • An efficient tip for this is to create a Google Sheets that you can add when you get a new row. This is a way to track everything you hear from your customers.

If you do a great job and they react, you can use their comments as an exciting topic for another blog post.


Writing approximately exciting subjects is straightforward in case you pay attention to what human beings are saying.

In today`s virtual world, you need to be the use of as many channels occasionally to acquire data out of your audience even as growing authoritative content.

Remember, your target target market desires to listen from you, and that they cost what you need to say.

So usually be open and inclined to create thrilling and attractive content.

Need greater thrilling ideas? Get commenced with WriterZen today!

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