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How To Get More Email Subscribers: 16 Strategies You Should Use

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If you want to grow your blog, you need to create a mailing list.Don’t be the one who keeps making excuses for not focusing on creating lists and how to get email subscribers.

I learned this lesson in a difficult way, but you don’t have to.

The truth is that email reaches your beloved fans much more effectively than any other tool.

This includes social media.

The challenge has always been to know exactly what to do to grow your mailing list faster. We all want more subscribers, right?

Find step-by-step instructions for rapid subscriber growth in this detailed guide. Learn which setup tasks to do, which tactics to use, and what to test to create a mailing list.

Are you ready to take the mailing list seriously?

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The surprisingly simple 2 point formula to drive your list building efforts

Before we dive into the beef of this highly insane put up we want to cowl some crucial matters.

These will power your efforts transferring forward:

1. Make it insanely clean for human beings to join up in your e-mail listing

Whichever approaches you operate to construct your listing, you want to make matters extraordinarily simple. If you switch the technique of signing up in your listing into a protracted winded technique, human beings won`t subscribe.

2. Make your “opt-in bribe” incredibly applicable

However making a decision to lure human beings to enroll in your e-mail listing, you want to preserve your provide hyper applicable in your goal audience.

Consider their motivations, their goals and what they need to study from you for example.

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Preparation work to make setup simple

Before you get into setup, you need to make some preparations, even before you start using the mailing list provider.

This will make your work easier later.

#1 – Identify what you want to achieve

Creating a list is not enough. You need to know what you want to achieve in the end.

The ultimate goal should guide you to the decisions you make and how to prioritize the tactics you implement.

For example, if you want to use lists to build a community and get more people to check out new posts, that’s great. Or you may want to sell your product with Autopilot and set up a sales funnel to send weird shows and share great content with your subscribers.

Clarifying what you want to achieve will help you achieve it.

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#2 – Put together an opt-in bribe for your subscribers

If you give your readers an incentive, they are more likely to be on your list.

Perceptual value is important here. The higher the perceived value, the more likely people are to subscribe. In

, the question is what to create an Optin bribe.

Well, don’t worry about creating a long eBook (unless you need it).

Creating a one-page PDF checklist or toollist is often even more effective because people love things that make their lives easier.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Checklist
  • Template
  • Cheat sheet
  • Resource list
  • Workbook
  • E-course
  • Video course
  • EBook/guide/report

If you offer a product / service, you can also offer a discount or a free trial. This may be a great option.

Also, consider how to deliver a bribe to your subscribers. I’m hosting it on Google Docs because it’s reliable and doesn’t affect server load times.

This makes some things easier, but it’s not mobile-friendly, so we’ll change it soon. Although we use

LeadPages to power many landing pages, we also have the option of sending opt-in bribes directly to mailing list subscribers.

Note: For more information on lead magnets, including how to get them, see our detailed guide to lead magnets.

Consider creating an unannounced bonus to increase your mailing list.

Creating a one-time opt-in bribe is great, but giving subscribers something unexpected will really make them worth it.

You don’t have to do this, but it can have an incredible impact on your loyalty.

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#3 – Prepare content for your emails

There is some content that you will need to prepare later when setting up your email provider.

These typically include:

  • Welcome Email – Make this as attractive as possible and let your subscribers know what to expect. If you have an optional bribe, you can include it here.
  • Autoresponder Sequence-Consider your goals here. This is a great opportunity to increase your passive income, but avoid a bad-selling approach. No one likes to subscribe to the mailing list just because of the flood of promotional emails.

Email provider setup – getting it right

Your email provider needs to be set up properly so that your listing efforts go smoothly. Let’s see what you need to do.

#4 – Choose an email provider

If you rely on something like Feedburner to serve your email, you should throw it away and switch to a reputable email provider.

#5 – Create your email list

Once you have decided on your email provider, you need to set up your email list.

There are documents that are easy on all platforms and useful for all email providers.

For example, in MailChimp, go to the list and click the Create List button in the upper right corner.

Active Campaign has a Create List button in the account overview. I like the step-by-step setup process that simplifies setup.

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#6 – Setup your email address and sender name

All email providers need to set this, but it’s important how you set these settings, so I’d like to mention them here.

From Email Addresses-I’ve seen many people and brands send emails with “no reply” email addresses. This can make it very difficult to interact with the subscriber.

Use the email address for which replies are monitored. This gives you a great opportunity to attract loyal subscribers and get feedback.

Use recognizable sender name-If the subscriber does not know the sender of the email, it may not open the email. Use something that is easy to recognize. This can be your name or your brand name. For example, use “Gidswill @Meducate”.

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#7 – Add your welcome email and auto responder content

It’s time to load the welcome email containing the Autoresponder content.

Most email marketing tools include a welcome email as part of the autoresponder, but if you use MailChimp, the “final welcome email” sent immediately after the subscriber signs up. Can be customized.

To add this, go to List> Registration Form> General Form, click the drop-down menu and select Last Welcome Email.

Welcome email settings are different from most providers, so I would like to mention MailChimp specifically. It’s time to add content for the

Autoresponder, but be aware of the time frame you’re posting. No one likes to be attacked frequently.

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#8 – Optimize your blog to grow your list

Blogs are one of the most powerful assets you need to create a mailing list. Here’s how to optimize it.

There are several key components here:

  • Let’s people know they have to confirm their email to get access.
  • Step by step process – makes this really simple.
  • Includes images so people know what to expect.
  • Mentions what to do if people can’t find the confirmation email.
  • Minimal distractions.
  • My free resources can’t be accessed from this page – otherwise there would be no incentive for subscribers to confirm their email address.

Once you’ve created a custom thank-you page, you need to add the URL to your email provider so that your subscribers can access the page instead of receiving the email. The

list creation tool (discussed later) also needs to add the URL of the thank you page.

In the end, this works better than just sending a thank you email. This is because it cannot be placed in the spam folder.

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#9 – Create a custom confirmation page

Subscribers will be redirected to the confirmation page by clicking the link in the confirmation email.

There are several reasons why it’s a good idea to set up a confirmation page.

Notifies subscribers that the process is complete. You can allow subscribers to download OptiBribe. This ensures that they get what you promise. You can use this page to set goal tracking in Google Analytics (more on this later). You can set the URL of your custom confirmation page in your email provider. Very simple and straightforward, clicking the Next button will take the subscriber to a special page with access to all free downloads (always adding).

I will update this confirmation page in the near future. You have the option of encouraging your subscribers to follow you on social media.

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#10 – Setup goal tracking in Google Analytics

We will discuss progress monitoring and optimization later. If you want to be able to do this, you need to set the target tracking settings.

All you need to do to get started is to set up Google Analytics along with the URL of the thank you page and the URL of the confirmation page.

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#11 – Create a dedicated page to promote your newsletter

There are many cases where it is useful to have a landing page dedicated to the newsletter.

This should be a simple page with minimal distractions, focusing on the main benefits that people get from subscribing to your email list.

For example, when training a subscriber, think about how training can help the subscriber. The numbers work well here

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#12 – Get more email subscribers with your contact form

Do you want an easy way to increase e-mail subscribers? Add options to subscribe when using a contact form. If you are using WordPress, you can do this easily with a contact form plug-in called KALI form.

Of course there are other plug-ins in the market, but there are some reasons for the electrical Califorms.

Convertkit, GetReponse, AWeb, MailerLite, etc. Integration to a common email marketing provider is easy.

And most importantly, unlike many other contact form plugins, all of these integrations are available on the lowest plan.

However, there is one important caveat here. Do not add people to your email list unless you select someone to use the contact form.

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#13 – Setup a thank you page for blog commenters to build your list

If you’re using WordPress’s native comment system, you can install a plugin like Comment Redirect to redirect your first comment contributor to the page of your choice.

You can use this page to thank your readers for their comments and invite them to the mailing list. It’s a good idea to use a plugin like Thrive Comments instead of

-this is a premium plugin that replaces native WordPress comments, but is designed to promote engagement and social proof. Great for (the more comments you have, the better).

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#14 – Add in-line opt-in forms to key pages

Your blog has important pages that you can optimize to get more subscribers.

pages, such as about pages, homepages, and resource pages, are a great way to grow your mailing list.

For example, Pat Flynn switched to adding an opt-in form to the about page instead of the sidebar. This increased conversions on that page by 446%. You’re crazy, right?

You can do that too.

All you have to do is include an opt-in form in your content. This can be done by embedding a form from your email provider. Alternatively, you can use one of the above plugins that supports shortcode placement.

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#15 – Display tailored opt-in forms for particular topics

Relevance is an vital a part of constructing your electronic mail list.

The greater applicable that your opt-in bureaucracy and opt-in bribes are, the higher your conversions will be.

The key right here is to show a suggestion this is hyper applicable to the subject that a person is studying in your web website online or presents the following logical step after the content material they have got read.

This may be very clean whilst the use of a device like Thrive Leads which permits category, web page degree concentrated on and lots greater.

An opportunity might be to apply a plugin like Dynamic Widgets which might can help you create one-of-a-kind sidebar regions and select which categories/posts they’re displayed on.

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#16 – Split test your landing pages

We talked a lot about landing pages. They are very focused and in general most traffic generation methods work well because they bring very targeted visitors.

If the design, text, and offer are correct, you can convert it well, but you can always make further tweaks. As with the

opt-in form optimization, you must first assume what you think can improve your conversions.

Even if it looks like:

“I think changing _____ will increase conversions because of ______”

Try it to see how it works. Remember that

best practices give you an edge, but different audiences can react differently to exactly the same thing.

How to test landing pages I use LeadPages * for most of the

landing pages. With built-in split tests, you can set up a split test with just a few clicks. The split test feature requires a Pro account starting at $ 67 per month.

LeadPages doesn’t limit the number of monthly visitors, so it’s worth it to me. You can quickly create landing pages and have the LeadBox feature mentioned at the beginning of content upgrades.

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Over to you

Email marketing offers a higher ROI than any other marketing channel and is far more effective at driving traffic than social media. And there are many statistics to support it.

And now you know the best way to grow your email list.

When a subscriber joins your email list, the actual email marketing begins. But that’s another opportunity.

For now, step through this post and start getting more subscribers. You can do it!

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