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How To Start Freelancing With No Experience: plus 30 freelancing ideas

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You want to learn how to start freelancing with no experience. The more you fantasize about it-the extra time you need to spend with family and friends. The joy you would feel if you were your own boss. Additional money is needed to reach financial goals.

Well, you’re lucky because I’ve been in your position once, doing $ 32,000 a year, and there’s no way to get up my way. Hopelessness to release, I learned how to become a freelancer without experience. So today I will show you how I did it. In addition, I cover 28 freelance ideas to help you start.

But first you may be asking

Can you freelance as a beginner?

Yes you can start freelancing even as a total beginner, but before jumping into a palnet you know nothing about there are few things you need to take in to consideration

To start your own business as a beginner. Before you can work from home and make money, you need to start a freelance business. You need to know exactly what you are doing and how you are marketing yourself.

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How to become a freelancer with no experience

I am living proof that you can learn freelance methods without experience. When I started writing freelance, I made enough money to replace my income of 9-5 or more in just 6 months.

These are the exact steps I used to achieve this:

1. Pick which type of freelancing you want to do(your nitch)

There are millions of ways to become “freelance.” The first step is to identify your passion so that you can understand the type of freelance work you want to do.

If you are a creative type, you can choose freelance writing or video editing. If you are tech-savvy, you can opt for freelance web development or coding. At the end of this article, there are over 28 freelance ideas, so use them if you need inspiration.

If you feel paralyzed with all your options, check out the tips for overcoming indecision. The important thing is to choose the idea that most resonates with you and take immediate action. You can change it at any time later.

2. Get into the right mindset as you learn how to start freelancing with no experience( don’t get too overwhelmed)

Every time you embark on a new journey, Impostor Syndrome can raise its ugly head and tell you that it’s not worth it, it’s not smart, and it’s not talented.

But what do you know? Your inner critic is a liar. And silence can help you develop a rich rich way of thinking that allows you to make real changes in your life.

So if you’re just learning how to get started on your own with no experience, try this idea of ​​work and see if it helps you get into the right headspace:

  • Practice Affirmations: These are Helps redefine your attitude and increase self-confidence
  • Create a morning routine: this will help you prepare for success
  • Practice Gratitude: This enhances the positiveness and joy of your life while reducing stress and anxiety.

By practicing these three habits daily, you can stay focused and lay the groundwork for building a profitable, freelance business.

3. Create a website (or hire a web developer)

Many freelancers are busy creating the perfect website when they are just getting started. But keep in mind that your website doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s just a place for potential clients to look at your portfolio and learn more about who you are. It’s easy, so set up a simple website and publish it as soon as possible. With experience, you can always go back and make fine adjustments.

  • Here’s what I recommend:
  • Hire a web developer here at M-EDUCATE. (This is the easiest way for anyone who has no experience designing websites.)
  • we will help you create a website about your portfolio, tariffs, and me.
  • And we will add a contact page so your customers can set up a discovery call with you.
  • we will also add a Calendly link to your website so they can call you directly without having to email you or fill out a form first. (optional)

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4. Build your initial portfolio (very important)

The next step is to create a 35-piece portfolio to show up to potential customers. Now you may be assuming. “But I try to know how to start like amateur freedom! How can I create a wallet when no one likes to hire a beginner?”

Let me know a small secret … Are you sure you’re ready? This is: You don’t need to have a real customer to build your wallet. You can do all the work as if someone hired you.

So, assuming you are a logo designer, this means creating logo packages for your ideal customer and niche. If you are a web designer, you need to create websites that showcase your best skills. As long as the potential customer likes your finished work, it doesn’t matter that the business is created.

Important tip: This trick may not work for experienced freelancers (financial coaches, fitness trainers, pet caretakers, etc.). Therefore, if so, you have to ignore the construction of a great portfolio and directly to the next step.

5. Find your first few clients

Finding customers as a freelancing amateur can also additionally appear daunting, however, accept as true. There are surefire approaches to get the first few customers. Here are 3 locations to look:

Look on job boards

Upwork and Fiverr are notable locations to get a few speedy wins while you`re first getting to know a way to emerge as a freelancer and not using experience. But you`ll generally need to transport off those websites as soon as you`ve won a few experiences.

Not best do they take a huge reduction of your earnings, however, lots of the agencies that use them are seeking out the most inexpensive paintings possible.

Tap into your network

Reach out to buddies and their own circle of relatives and spot if any of them are interested in loose or discounted paintings. (You should even ask them for a testimonial in exchange!)

This is precisely what our I Godswill chinedu did when i began my freelance web developer hustle years earlier than launching M-EDUCATE. I began out via way of means of building and hosting demo sites and adding them to my portfolio items. Then, i requested others in my social circle to be my “check subjects” as i advanced my skills. They didn`t say no at all to me!

In short, in case you`re looking to discover ways to begin freelancing and not using an experience, attain out to human beings you already realize! It simply may wonder you.

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Cold email agencies you admire

This closing one can also additionally appear awesome scary, however, accept it as true with me! Cold emailing is a nice manner to get new customers. A lot of agencies are absolutely beaten with paintings and are juggling more than one task as soon as. Therefore, one top bloodless electronic mail should land you a stellar freelancing opportunity.

But here`s a seize though — you want to have a portfolio earlier than you begin bloodless emailing. This is due to the fact agencies want to realize you could produce the great labor they`re seeking out. So, in case you don`t have a portfolio yet, construct that first earlier than you begin accomplishing out.

Once you’ve got your portfolio in hand, use those bloodless electronic mail suggestions to develop your customer roster:

  • Create a chilly electronic mail template that`s personalized, establishes your credibility, and makes a specialty of the recipient`s desires particularly else.
  • Add an electronic mail signature that provokes accept as true with. (Hubspot has a loose signature generator.)
  • Follow-up after 5 enterprise days in case you don`t get a reaction. (However, prevent emailing them after your 2d follow-up. You don`t need to harass them or get marked as spam.)
  • Understand that it`s a numbers game. (For example, you could best get one reaction for every 20 emails you send. That`s okay! Keep at it, and the effects will follow.)

6. Raise your rates and keep going!( bit by bit)

Once you have 3-5 portfolios, increase your rate and move on.

What is the price of a freelance job you are looking for? A common practice is to calculate how much money you want to make each month and then work in the opposite direction to create hourly or project-by-project rates.

Let’s say you want to start writing freelance as a side hustle. Her goal is to earn another $ 1,000 a month.

If you charge for each project and have time to write 5 articles a month, the price is $ 200 per article (1000/5 = 200).

If you calculate your hourly bill and estimate that it will take about 12.5 hours per month to write 5 articles, your hourly rate will be $ 80 (1000 / 12.5 = 80).

7. Buy a course that teaches you how to start freelancing with no experience

Do you want to increase your success? Find an online course that teaches you how to become an inexperienced freelancer.

That’s exactly what I did when I started as a freelance copywriter. I had no experience at all, but I have already found a copywriting course created by a veteran expert who has made all the mistakes and learned to do it right. Within six months of purchasing her course, I replaced my full-time income with a freelance job and gave up 9 to 5. Could you have a lucrative freelance career without the

course? Yes. But did it take me longer? absolutely. So, if it fits your budget and learning style, invest in a freelance course that can help you promote your success.

30 Freelancing ideas to try if you want to learn how to start freelancing with no experience(tip)

There are many ways to make money as a freelancer, even if you have no experience. Below is a list of 28 freelancer ideas categorized to help you find the best job for your skill set. Read the list below and choose your favorite freelance idea.

People-based freelancing ideas

Firstly, if your goal is to help people, here are some freelance ideas for getting in touch with others.

Coaching (financial, wellness, general life, or business coach)


Nutritionist or fitness trainer

Pet sitter

house sitter

Administrative freelancing ideas

On the other hand, if you’re a more data-driven person, you might like one of these management freelance ideas a bit more:

Virtual assistant

Data entry specialist




Tax consultant

Fundraising consultant

Management consultant

Data Analyst

Creative freelancing ideas

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Finally, if you have writing, editing, illustration, or other creative work tips, try one of the following creative freelance ideas:

Freelance writer

Copy editor

Freelance marketer

Social media manager


Video editor

Graphic designer

Logo designer



Voice artist

Website designer

App designer

Web developer or coder

Ux/UI designer

SEO expert

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Which of these freelancing ideas should you try first?

In short, it’s perfectly possible to learn how to start freelancing with no experience. It’s important to pick the freelance ideas you’re passionate about, build your first portfolio, and take care of your clients who pay for what you value.

One of my favorite narcissistic affirmations is: My fear does not prevent me from pursuing what I love. I have the power I need to shape my future. Most importantly, keep in mind when learning how to become an inexperienced freelancer. You have what you need to build your dream life.

Check out freelancing tips here at M-EDUCATE if you need help keeping things tidy as you embark on this new journey. It is designed to help you create your dream life with a deliberate plan. Also, since it has no date, it can be used at any time.

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