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Sendblaster alternatives: 7 Bulk email sender software

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Looking for SendBlaster alternatives? SendBlaster prices are ideal for businesses with 51-200 employees, starting at a flat rate of $ 99.00 and offering a one-time payment for a free trial. Most people use Send Blaster to help with abdominal muscle testing, autoresponder, and spam compliance, but that may not be the right choice for you. Whether ease of use, affordability, user ratings, or cost performance are your priorities, there are many other tools that can provide the service you need.

Immediately consider alternatives and compare software with similar functionality to Send Blaster. Check out these other top options based on the sharing features that are closest to SendBlaster in terms of features, key features, and benefits. Simply click Add and Compare and you’ll see alternatives at a glance.

The best sendblaster alternatives are:


Mailchimp’s all-in-one marketing platform helps small businesses market smarter and grow faster. As the backbone of customer relationships, we provide easy-to-use tools that leverage AI and can be used by anyone to succeed. Mailchimp puts the audience first, so it can send marketing emails and automated messages, create targeted advertising campaigns, create landing pages, send postcards, simplify reporting and analysis, and sell online. I can do it. Millions of businesses and individuals, from community organizations to Fortune 100 companies, can trust Mailchimp to connect with the right message, the right place, and at the right time. Founded in 2001, Mailchimp is a privately held company based in Atlanta, Georgia, with more than 1000 employees. Mailchimp helps you design and share campaigns across multiple emails and ad channels, integrate with services you already use and track your results. It`s like your own personal publishing platform.

The pros of Mailchimp

Mailchimp is certainly the first-rate carrier withinside the cloud for creating, managing, sending, and studying email advertising and marketing campaigns, seeing that further to sending email campaigns in real-time additionally lets me apply them so that they observe a series in keeping with the standards which you have established, in a unique manner with the assist of a completely intuitive interface that substantially helps the work. Another characteristic that I love approximately Mailchimp is its cap potential to segment, permitting me to ship the proper message, to the proper person, at the proper time for it to be effective, and ultimate however now no longer least, any device may be completely applied with it, along with LeadPages. , WebinarJam, Magic Action Box, etc.

The review was gathered with the aid of using and hosted on

What do you dislike?

Mailchimp is a platform that I love and thus far I haven`t located any capabilities that I dislike or dislike. On the contrary, each day I adore it more.

Although I would like to say that they these days eliminated the e-mail scheduling at the unfastened plan and most effective have to get entry to technical help withinside the first 30 days, which appears a piece unfair to small agencies which can be simply beginning on this global and need to extend an increasing number of.

Recommendations to others thinking about the product:

If you’re searching for an e-mail advertising and marketing device that has an unfastened version, could be very intuitive and clean to use, and might combine flawlessly with another device, Mailchimp is your first-rate solution. If deciding to strive for it and devote the time it merits collectively with the examination of your strategy, you may be capable of taking gain of its lots.

What troubles are you fixing with the product? What advantages have you ever realized?

Since we’ve applied Mailchimp our employer has grown a lot and we were capable of attaining an increasing number of human beings from special companies thru the automation of e-mail advertising and marketing that this brilliant device offers us.

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Constant Contact

We provide powerful tools for small businesses to simplify and expand digital marketing. We help you build strong connections and produce compelling results, such as increasing sales, expanding your customer base, and gaining viewers.

Expand your audience

Quickly create lists using landing pages, social media lead ads, SMS, and more.

Deepen relationships with customers

Compose professional emails, segment lists, and automated messages, and increase business engagement and sales.

Simplify social media

Create and manage social posts and ads to attract attention, generate leads, and drive growth. All this is done from one place.

Sync with apps you’re already using

Connect to the digital tools you already use to grow your business and sell more online and faster.

For more information, please visit

The pros of Constant Contact

I’ve been using Constant Contact for many years, both for my company and for my nonprofits, and I appreciate the ease of use of templates, contact uploading, event management, and more.

What do you dislike?

I would like to have more options for downloading event management reports, for example, more options for different types of reports that can be categorized by type of registration.

Recommendations for Others Considering the Product:

I have used Constant Contact for both nonprofits and industry associations. It’s a simple, easy-to-use, professional marketing tool and event management option that has helped us over the years.

Does this product solve your problems? What kind of benefits did you realize?

Inexpensive email marketing and event management are highly valued. Ability to communicate with members in a clear and professional way. With this tool, you can communicate well with members and supporters.

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MailerLite focuses on delivering outstanding value to existing customers, including an intuitive user experience, 24/7 fast live support, and hassle-free pricing that makes sense for small businesses. It’s software. MailerLite is designed for people of all experience levels and allows you to create professional campaigns from start to finish.

Expand your audience with custom landing pages, forms, and pop-ups, create beautiful newsletters with an intuitive drag-and-drop editor and pre-built templates, personalize, automate, segment, and poll (name) (Add) to attract subscribers at a more human level (just a little). a bit).

MailerLite will guide you through every step of your email marketing journey with the tools you need to succeed. And the list of those integrations continues to grow with WordPress, Zapier, Shopify, WooCommerce, and more.

To ensure customer success, MailerLite offers a large amount of educational content such as monthly webinars, product tutorials, and email marketing guides.

The pros of Mailerlite

MailerLite is the ideal email marketing software for people on a budget who need more than just sending newsletters. It includes an automated workflow, contact tagging, and segmentation, and a landing page builder, so you can handle even complex campaigns.

What do you dislike?

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you can keep the delivery rate high, but it can be a bit daunting for users who just want to get started. The verification process seems to be very difficult. Recommendations for Others Considering the Product:

Besides the low cost, Mailer Lite offers a variety of tools specifically designed for bloggers.

What problems does the product solve? What kind of benefits did you realize?

MailerLite is the best solution for those just getting started with email marketing, thanks to its simple interface, easy navigation, and convenient email editor. Most email marketing tools out there are very expensive and their free plans are a joke. However, the Mailerlite Free Plan is one of the most feature-rich in the industry, and some of the features available in the free plan are premium.

for more information visit Mailerlite


It’s time to get more from your email marketing. Emma’s powerful digital marketing platform makes it easy for marketing teams of all sizes to create beautifully designed email campaigns that deliver results. Identify your audience, automate your marketing programs, and integrate with your most used technologies for more timely, personalized, and effective communication. With award-winning thought leadership, friendly professional service, and compassionate product design, Emma help marketers around the world become the best.

Plan – Collaborate between teams and actively engage in campaigns and outreach.

Design — Our world-class editors and hundreds of responsive templates help you design compelling mobile emails and test effective CTA.

Targets and Engagement-Use segmentation to create more personalized messages based on what you know about your customers. Our automation tools help you efficiently create and run ongoing campaigns to keep your brand impressive.

Analysis and Optimization-Understand the impact of your program and use real-time analytics, testing, and insights on the go to improve your program over time.

Integration – Emma integrates with leading CRM, e-commerce, and analytics platforms to enable you to create informed and dynamic creative content using data from your most commonly used technologies.

The pros of Emma

Emma is a simple software that you can use to create great email campaigns. It is also the only software that allows us to immediately send newsletters that are not marked as junk. I like the fact that I can create a campaign and use it later as a template. This is very convenient and can save you a lot of time later.

What do you dislike?

The templates available aren’t that great. there Inline HTML customization is very limited. The formatting is buggy. If you add a code after it and forget it, then go back and add something as simple as italic/bold to the word, the pasted code will disappear and you can waste a lot of time. .. But what I hate the most is that you can’t adjust certain things differently on your mobile screen. Borders and gaps are set on stones.

Recommendations for Others Considering the Product:

Keep your design simple and minimize the amount of custom code to reduce headaches.

What problems does the product solve? What kind of benefits did you realize?

Use this software to send internal and external newsletters to inform your audience of internal and external news and events. Also, use the tags and groups in Emma to organize your contact list.

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Marketers can use Email Studio, part of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, to quickly compose and send personalized emails, from simple newsletters to complex campaigns. Salesforce delivers promotions, transactions, and triggered messages with robust real-time reports for tracking and optimizing performance.

Email Studio has features for any email marketing strategy. With native predictive intelligence and behavior, and robust first-party data, marketers can create timely and relevant messages to attract and re-attract customers. The drag-and-drop tool makes it easy to compose an email that contains a simple block of content. Quickly personalize your email content with pre-built templates optimized for mobile devices. Create reusable blocks such as text, HTML, images, buttons, dynamic content, and A / B testing with custom content blocks to ensure that relevant messages reach the right people at all times. Utilize the drag-and-drop segmentation for audience targeting and subscriber segmentation. Combine location, gender, purchase history, and recent web browsing activity to use profile and behavioral targeting to send demographic and behavioral emails to your customers. Improve marketing efficiency by automating everything from importing data to sending email marketing to scheduled client reports, and use intuitive workflows to secure your desktop and mobile with the MarketingCloud mobile app.

The pros of Salesforce

While growing the e-mail, we will see the equal electronic mail in HTML layout that’s created via content material blocks, which makes it smooth to edit whilst we’re extending any electronic mail-associated campaigns. Moreover, we will stay take a look at the e-mail created at the equal platform

What do you dislike?

Moreover, it’s far too steeply priced for small firms & its capability is hard to recognize for brand new customers

Sometimes whilst the information is massive in numbers in Data Extension or List, it takes quite a little time to load and every so often the gadget simply hangs

It`s now no longer smooth to search/music formerly despatched emails via JOB ID. In the Tracking section, handiest the trendy despatched emails seem. If I want a locate an electronic mail via JOB ID that has been despatched months ago, it’s far nearly hard to locate that. If we want to music the outcomes of the e-mail, however, we don`t have the Job ID then it is very hard to locate that

Recommendations to others thinking about the product:

Salesforce Email studio is one of the first rates amongst its competition withinside the marketplace to create installation and music emails. Moreover, its Einstein function enables us to have interaction with our clients extra efficiently

What issues are you fixing with the product? What advantages have you ever realized?

It is simple to alter the formerly created emails, via way of means of converting some HTML codes. No want to create a brand new electronic mail from scratch. As an end result, productiveness has extended

Sending emails consistent with campaigns to a one-of-a-kind set of customers, so we do not need to clear out our customers whenever

It is simple to preview and take a look at the created emails via way of means of sending it our electronic mail id & as an end result we will see how the emails will seem on the customers result in laptop in addition to mobile


Proficient email showcasing from iContact assists organizations of all stages and sizes with obtaining results. From the independent venture simply beginning to the expert advertiser searching for techniques to amplify missions to the high-volume shipper with 15,000 to 5 million+ supporters, iContact offers an arrangement to address each issue.


Simplified EDITING

Our cutting edge and natural connection point works on message creation


Every one of the instruments you want to deal with a developing and sound email list

Individual COACHING

From individual calls to recordings to online classes, we’re here to assist when you with requiring us

Specialized SUPPORT

Got questions? Our honor winning help group is prepared with the responses and the assist you with requiring


Plan robotized messages to connect with and support endorsers over the long haul


Each message is surveyed to guarantee your email comes to inboxes


Effectively track crusade results for additional beneficial information-driven showcasing

Virtual Entertainment

Reach past the inbox — intensify email missions and timetable messages on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

Specialized SUPPORT

Got questions? Our honor winning help group is prepared with the responses and the assist you with requiring



Each advertiser knows: everything revolves around the endorser list. Our rundown of the executive’s instruments lets you rapidly add new contacts the correct way. From join structures on your site or Facebook page to simple apparatuses to import endorser records, you’ll construct an extraordinary rundown right away. Also, partake in the simplicity of bounceback taking care of and programmed membership of the board.

Client CARE

Life gets furious while you’re growing a business. Whether you’re new to email or have experienced it, we realize a bustling advertiser lacks the opportunity and willpower to squander — we ensure you don’t need to. Our Customer Success Managers raise you to an acceptable level in your initial 30 days. Also, just iContact gives each client limitless specialized help, for the lifetime of their record.

Excellent EMAILS

iContact’s smooth, present-day interface assists you with effectively making an email experience that flawlessly mirrors your image. With our completely adaptable intuitive topic manager, you can great and save column designs, various ranges, typography, and content squares to exceptionally change your image promotion into responsive and convincing email messages.


An email address is a door to individual correspondence with your crowd. Study your contacts by recognizing their inclinations to join. Then, form better commitment with customized, custom-made messages — or even make a progression of custom messages that permit you to convey and support client connections after some time. We call these autoresponders. You’ll call them astonishing.


Effectively and immediately broaden your range and timetable posts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, with iContact’s across the board promoting arrangement. Add social offer buttons to your messages to enhance your messages. Utilize our devices to develop your rundown with a sign-up structure on your Facebook page — and watch those supporters transform into important new email contacts.


Whenever you buckle down on a message, you believe it should come to the inbox. Email sent through iContact doesn’t take bypasses: your messages won’t fall into spam traps or acquire you a spot on

The pros of iContact

Count how 20,000 views per month increased to 120,000

Friendly and knowledgeable customer support by phone or chat (I’m a baby boomer, so I mainly use the phone) CS service issues Never happened 12 years later.

Simple newsletter design I use only the most basic templates, but there are lots of whistles and bells so I need to learn more

your delivery department Was very good at teaching me and reported to me on Sunday afternoon some of my emails got stuck in “spam check” and I didn’t understand how (use the spam checker)

What do you dislike?

The success when I started was absolutely nothing. I didn’t know anything about online publishing until their team guided me. Twelve years later, the average open rate exceeded 38%.

Recommendations for Others Considering the Product:

Go to them first before you shop (their prices are very competitive) and use their staff to “take you” as your business grows

What problems does the product solve? What kind of benefits did you realize?

Opening emails on my first host was about 10%, but my contact taught me how to manage my data and find replies (clear bounces). Currently, the number of readers is 40%.

I don’t fill out the survey, but when I get in touch, I feel obliged to return something, given the level of service they have provided to me.

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Email Sender Deluxe

Email Sender Deluxe makes it easy to send personalized bulk emails and newsletters to your customers and clients. Simply select the recipient, enter your email address and click Send. Recipients can easily import from databases, Excel, and text files, or enter them manually. Email Sender Deluxe allows you to easily preview an email before it is sent to the recipient so you can see the email that is displayed to the recipient. It’s also easy to attach a file to an email. You can also use this bulk email sending software to send to an unlimited number of recipients. And it’s fast! This bulk mailer uses multiple outbound connections to maximize speed.

For me this if the best bulk email sending software and also what I have been using for 3yrs now

The pros Of Email Sender Deluxe

Email Sender Deluxe is the conventional e-mail sender, you speedy can ship out customized newsletters and bulk e-mails to your clients or contacts; it has numerous functions such as Import recipients from databases, accessing, Excel, and textual content files. Easily control multiple “from” accounts. Store e-mail templates for re-use later. Send each HTML and textual content e-mail. Email Sender Deluxe does now no longer tolerate or be given any shape for “spam” e-mail. The Send Email window includes a log over the shipping process, which e-mail changed into correctly despatched, and which that failed. You can also create an e-mail template and ship it to a collection of clients or friends. You can control your photo fashion of this system: How you need this system to look. Support distinct photo styles/skins. After your buy your license you need to strive for the trial version. The trial has all of the functionality, however, is restricted to a 250-sends trial. It is extraordinarily clean to download it from the house net web page it’s far quite simple and a purposeful e-mail sender.

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