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ShareASale Review: Make Money with ShareASale affiliate program

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If you need a ShareASale review that doesn’t waste your details, you’re in the right place.

Today, I’m going to look at ShareASale from top to bottom (and even from the side!).

First learn how it works, then dig into the details:

  • How to make money with ShareASale affiliates
  • pros and cons
  • And how it compares to other affiliate marketing services

Are you ready to check if ShareASale is a good affiliate network?

Let’s get started.

What Is ShareASale?

ShareASale is one of the biggest and most popular affiliate marketing programs and has been around since 2000. We work with over 16,500 merchants in 4,444 different markets and niches.

What is affiliate marketing?

If you are new to the concept, affiliate marketing is a popular monetization method for bloggers and online marketers. Basically, various merchants pay you a commission to introduce them to a sale through your affiliate link.

For example, suppose you’re writing a blog post to educate your readers about an award-winning time management system. In the

post, you say you like it because it helps the ABC Daily Planner stay on schedule. You link to the ABC Daily Planner on your affiliate link, and the ABC Daily Planner Company will pay you a small fee for each person who visits their site and makes a purchase through your link. ..

Easy peasy.

But seriously, affiliate marketing is a great way to write money.

Therefore, if you’re an up-and-coming blogger dreaming of a bank balance swelling, signing up for ShareA Sale could be your choice to change everything.

How Does ShareASale Work?

It takes time to ask a company one by one about each affiliate program offered by the company.

ShareA Sale is much more better and convenient. Its network includes more than 16,500 companies in multiple markets and niches ready to work with affiliates.

With such an extensive selection of different affiliate programs, ShareASale can easily find the right product or service that suits your needs and interests.

One way to get started is to search ShareASale for products you already use and like. Alternatively, you can research new products that you think will appeal to your audience.

Find a product that really helps and also has a good commission rate. You can’t scare your readers more than abusing your trust and link to your product just to earn commissions.

How Do You Earn Money with ShareASale?

You make money by introducing your readers and website visitors to one of the high quality companies working with ShareASale through the ShareASale Affiliates Network.

There are two ways to make money:

Pay per lead: Every time a reader clicks on your affiliate link to visit your provider’s page and fill out a form, you get paid.

Pay Per Sale: Earn commissions every time a reader follows a custom link to a product to make a purchase.

ShareASale Overview

Joining ShareASale is a simple five-step process.

Shareaslae Affiliate Sign Up:

First, go to the ShareASale website and select Affiliate Signup from the menu option Signup on the right side of the page.

1. Create your shareasale login details. You`ll select a username and password and provide your united states of america of residence. Then you could circulate directly to Step 2.

2. Next, you`ll input your internet site URL and solution some easy questions on your site. Click the button for Step 3.

3. Here, you`ll input your e-mail cope with.

Tip: If you’ve got got an e-mail cope with that ends together along with your area name, like, the approval method can be quicker than in case you use a established Gmail cope with, like

When you`re done, you`re equipped for Step 4.

4. In the next step, enter the contact details. The payment process requires this information.

You can skip to step 5 by entering the requested information.

5. Finally, select how you want to receive your payment.

You can request a check or direct deposit to your bank account. You can select different options at a later date, if desired.

Click the [Registration Complete] button.

After completing the registration process, you need to agree to the ShareASale Terms of Service and submit your application.

Screenshare Create a shareAsale account: Submit the application Thank you

Submit your application and ShareASale will send you an email with instructions to confirm your ShareASale account. Complete these…

… and you will see this confirmation message.

Now all you have to do is wait for their approval for your affiliate account.

While the approval process can take 24 to 72 business hours, most people get a response within 24 hours.

ShareASale Affiliate Programs

Once you’ve been approved as an Affiliate of the ShareASale Network, it’s time to find affiliate programs that are right for your audience.

ShareASale currently has thousands of merchants in its network. Some of these are from larger brands like Minted, Rebook, and Etsy, but ShareASale also has a variety of small businesses that you can promote as well.

This variety of brands is of course a huge bonus for newer bloggers or those with a smaller online presence.

You see, some networks, like CJ Affiliate (formerly Commission Junction), have larger brands. But the requirements for these brands are often out of reach for bloggers and content marketers with less traffic.

And to be more engaging, ShareASale’s advanced search and filtering features are ahead of what other affiliate programs offer, making it easy to find the best brands for your niche.

Remember when you start doing your research, affiliate marketing is more than just an opportunity to make money for you. It’s also a way for you to serve your audience by recommending products that you find useful.

So here’s how to find relevant products to promote to your audience.

Use the drop-down menu under Seller in the top menu bar to start your search.

You can search by individual seller name or by seller status. You can also find sellers that offer coupons or deals.

You can also search by category on the left sidebar menu. You can find products in:

  • Art/Music/Photography
  • Auction Services
  • Automotive
  • Books and Media
  • Business
  • Career/Jobs/Employment
  • Clothing
  • Commerce/Classifieds
  • Computers/Electronics
  • Domain Names
  • Accessories
  • Education
  • Financial
  • Food/Drink
  • Freebies/Free Stuff/Rewards Programs
  • Games/Toys
  • Gaming/Lotto
  • General Web Services
  • Family
  • Health
  • Gifts
  • Green
  • Home and Garden
  • Insurance
  • Military
  • Marketing
  • Moving/Moving Supplies
  • Online Dating Services
  • Real Estate
  • Legal
  • Recreation
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Shopping Malls
  • Sports and Fitness
  • Gourmet
  • Weddings
  • Travel
  • Web Hosting
  • Webmaster Tools

How does ShareASale work for merchants?

ShareASale has over 2,500 merchants offering a variety of products and services. As an Affiliate, you choose one of the ShareASale merchants and attempt to direct the sale to the merchant’s websites. The merchant will then pay a commission on sales from the affiliate referral.

shareasale Affiliate commission rate

ShareASale commission rate are 20% of affiliate payments. This is an example of a typical sale that a dealer can see. The initial balance of the merchant is $100, it will be sold and the affiliate will be charged a fee of $10.

shareasale payment methods

ShareASale has four payment methods for affiliates.

  • Checks sent through the United States Postal Service.
  • Check by FedEx (additional charge required)
  • Direct deposit.
  • Payoneer.

Making the Most of Shareasale

Shareasale is a trusted and reputable affiliate marketing program that offers significant earning potential.

Turning that potential into profit starts with a plan. To get the most out of Shareasale, launch your WordPress site – make sure you choose a good domain name, create quality content, and attract a steady stream of visitors. Then sign up for Shareasale and choose affiliate links that match the interests of your guests.

Finally, insert these links into your publications as naturally as possible. While occasional banners or live product reviews can help drive conversions, you’ll be best served by incorporating Shareasale links into your posts organically. If your visitors feel like they’re nothing more than a sale, they won’t stay long.

Make more money from your website with Shareasale. Find your niche, open your affiliate account and connect visitors with value-added content.


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