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Social Media Trick To Drive More Web Traffic: 9 Easy Steps

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According to the Social Media Examiner, nearly 9 out of 10 marketers say that increased website traffic is a benefit of social media marketing.

This is the second cited advantage, just behind the brand’s exposure and far more advanced than the generation of lead.

How can I get the benefits of web traffic and more? There are nine ways to help here.

1. make sure to Optimize your social profiles

When people want to know more about your brand, they look at your profile and background. You need to quickly communicate your brand’s value proposition while setting the tone and style.

The clearer the bio, without sacrificing clarity, the more likely it is to attract and resonate with the ideal viewer.

Don’t make the mistake of writing the entire history of the company in your career. A few lines are enough. Then use the subpoena on your home page or landing page to connect Bio to your website.

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2. make sure to Use social proof

You can also use social credibility to add value to your website. Like other reviews and recommendations, social proof brings the human voice to the brand experience. Whenever someone buys or buys something, they look for reviews, testimonials, testimonials, and reviews from others who have used the product or service.

Integrate reviews, social comments, feedback, and more into social media content and websites. Your About us page can work for this. Only use social proof that you have permission to reuse. Don’t forget to include third-party media coverage for your brand. Check out LinkedIn’s Sprout Social company page to see how we reported the number of customers (more than 25,000) as social proof.

Tip: Keep it simple. Interested in viewers clicking the Details button.

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3. Use less popular platforms too

If you want to accelerate your focus on web traffic and social media, two actively growing social platforms (Pinterest and Reddit) may help, depending on your audience and topic.


Pinterest had 478 million monthly users in the first quarter of 2021, up 30% year-over-year. For content marketers, Pinterest proves its strength in consumer discovery of trends and community-based features. It’s also a great platform for brands targeting women, as it accounts for 6 out of 10 Pinterest users.

Skyram Technologies generates traffic by pinning blog posts to Pinterest. Given the visual focus of the

platform, the brand used its own images, including infographics, for some posts and stock photos for others.


Reddit and it’s 52 million daily active users represent another social opportunity. You can easily find subreddits (ie forums) in your niche. Join the conversation. Ask your own questions, share long-term educational perspectives, and comment to foster connections. If people find your advice helpful, they will want to explore more and will probably look to your site.

Tip: Don’t use Reddit for direct advertising or marketing. Provide value. No one wants to read an advertorial written for self-serving purposes. This can lead to negative comments in the forum.

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4. Time it right(do thing at the right time)

You can’t post social content that no one is involved in to increase traffic to your site. Choose the most effective time to get the best view. Instead of using social post timing best practices, check your own data. See when your viewers are most responsive. You can use an automated scheduler such as Tailwind to suggest the best posting time based on your profile’s specific algorithms and analysis.

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5. Make your share buttons obvious

Let’s say someone comes across your blog post and absolutely loves the content. They’re thinking of sharing it, but a quick glance doesn’t show an easy way to do it. They go.

To prevent this and promote content sharing, embed a share button near the content. Show the number of shares as long as you prove that others feel it is worth sharing.

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6. Promote your content

Content marketers often do not social media use enough to promote their blogs and other related content on their websites. You don’t want to constantly promote your content, but you need to promote all your high-quality blog posts to raise their awareness.

To increase traffic to your website, post an excerpt or teaser with a link on social media. This will allow viewers to visit your site and read more.

Social media is also a good place to promote old but relevant content that attracts new followers.

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Tip: Promote the same content multiple times to reach people who may not have seen or noticed it for the first time.

7. Engage with your audience

Make sure your social media content revolves around your audience, not you. Providing content that is helpful to them. Attract them and inspire them to reach their goals.

When creating content, focus on asking free-form questions to increase engagement. Ask questions that generate a reaction. Ask a yes-no question or use multiple-choice. Host a vote. Hold interactive quizzes and award prizes to winners.

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8. Be responsive(very important)

Try to reply to all comments on social media posts. It makes your audience feel valuable, and sometimes your response can include a link to your website for more information on the topic. Faster

responses can also be a brand differentiator. Another company may have a higher marketing budget or create better content, but if you are sensitive, enthusiastic, and really build a relationship, your brand will win.

Integrate customer service with social media to help brands respond quickly to inquiries and complaints. Not only is the customer experience important to them, but it also provides potential customers with evidence of how your company treats them.

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9. Become visible

From images and infographics to videos and presentations, social media users react more visually than just text. They are a good medium for establishing emotional bonds and evoking strong reactions. You can also make your content more interactive or user-friendly. Use the

image as a standalone entry or with text. Avoid stock images, favoring real images rather than helping viewers connect better with people in your business or be offered by your business. The

infographic allows you to redesign your content in a refreshing way. These are especially useful when translating detailed or complex information. At first, glance, make sure your data is easy to use. Otherwise, you probably won’t see an increase in the share that infographics can provide. Don’t forget the

video – record and live. Arnie Kuenn of Vertical Measures explains: “If you’re not consistently producing videos on all social media platforms, you’re already far behind your competitors. Focus on creating content that fits your customer journey and consider expanding your content. Ultimately, the more users you connect to your brand, the more engagement and followers you will get. ”

Live video has been shown to provide even better interaction. Why don’t you hold a weekly Q & A session to interact with the viewers? This can be a standard live format, or you can ask your audience to send you a question in advance to make sure you’re ready to answer properly. You can also create a video webinar or similar presentation and design it to direct your audience to your website.

Drive more traffic

These nine useful social media tactics can drive more traffic to your website. If you are consistent with your efforts, you will eventually begin to notice the results.

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