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TOP 10 Best Skills To Learn Online In 2022

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There has never been a better time to learn something newer than it is now. The freelance industry is booming. The demand for working from home is increasing. And job hunting on the internet will be easier. If you’re wondering what is the best skills to learn online today, I have some suggestions for you.

This guide explores some of the best skills you can acquire when demand is high. We will also share some suggestions for online courses to help you start learning each skill. Recently, someone contacted me for advice on a landing job. She has 5 years of experience as a web developer at a technology company. But she had a hard time finding a job online.

Your problem was that most online gigs require multiple skills. And she specialized in only one skill. It’s actually pretty common when working online.

Because you are alone, delivering a high quality project requires at least a basic understanding of other industry-related skills.

For example, if you are a web designer, understanding UX design can help you design a better website. Or, if you’re a blogger, SEO knowledge can be very helpful in finding a job. Or, if you’re a social media manager, you need graphic design skills to create social media content.

It’s never a waste to develop and learn multiple skills related to your industry. In fact, it may help you find a higher paid job.

To help you start finding practical skills, I have put together a list of skills that are in high demand in the professional market. As mentioned earlier, you can combine them to learn multiple skills and increase your chances of getting a job.

We also propose online courses for each skill. Use Skillshare to suggest courses because you can access over 16,000 courses for one price. And the first two months are free. It’s like Netflix for studying, much cheaper than paying for individual courses.

Let’s jump into the list.

1. App Development (OR Programming)

Coding, or programming, continues to be one of the highest paying skills or should I say the highest paying developer skills in the freelance market. Experienced developers can earn up to $ 1,000 an hour.

But there are also reasons for high demand. The main reason is that it is not a skill that can’t be acquired overnight or in a few months. It takes hundreds of hours of practice and learning to become a seasoned developer.

If you challenge, programming is a skill you can learn to create a profitable career and a better future. Today, there is a greatest need for app development.

And learn all about app development in online courses and programs. However, don’t expect to master programming after taking some online courses. It will take a lot more time.

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2. Copywriting

Copywriting is certainly one of the new skills to learn online for almost all types of professionals.

Whether you’re a digital marketer, social media manager, or graphic designer, your ability to handle words correctly makes your job much more effective.

You can also build a career as a copywriter. Fortunately, there are many areas you can explore as a copywriter, such as website copywriting, blogging, ebook writing, and product copywriting.

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3. UX/UI Design

User Experience Design (UXD) and User Interface Design (UID) are two of the highest paying developer skills that are increasingly in demand in today’s market.

The main job of UX Designer is to help designers create something that is easy to use. This applies to many different products and industries.

Let’s take the example of a smartphone you have in your hand. At one point, the UX designer had to choose a square design for smartphones. Easy to hold with one hand. Can you imagine how difficult it would be to own a

mobile phone with a round design?

This is why UX design plays such an important role in everything from website design to posters, flyers, and toilet paper. UI Designer

is specifically responsible for designing user interfaces for apps and websites. Your job is also to make the user interface more user-friendly and efficient.

Both are in demand on the open market. It also offers great career opportunities.

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4. Video Game Development

Learning how to make your own video games could soon become one of the new skills to learn online for every profession. This is how the video game industry became important. In fact, it’s even bigger than Hollywood.

The future looks very bright for professionals in the game industry. You can also build your path to a lucrative career in games by learning how to craft them first.

You will find many job offers in independent marketplaces related to video game development. If you’re looking to become an indie game developer, there’s a path for you there.

But focus on developing your career path. Create video games. Or even join the team of a famous game development company. It can all start with a simple online course.

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5. Digital Marketing & SEO

We see a lot of social media sites becoming popular over time. No matter what form of content you promote, businesses will always find ways to promote their brands and products on these pages.

One thing we can be sure of in this ever-changing era is that the demand for digital marketing will always be there. Especially when it comes to promoting e-commerce websites and brands online, the digital marketing team is at the forefront.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the many facets of digital marketing. And it’s a must-have skill for all types of marketers, including bloggers and writers. Learning how to optimize your script, blog post, or website copy to rank higher on Google is a skill that is often required by many jobs.

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6. Data Science

A friend of mine recently pointed out to me the power of data science as a skill. This is one of the highest paying freelance skills of the future that will be even more in demand in the years to come.

Each company, brand or startup collects different types of data. Such as customer data, sales statistics, competitor ratings, target audience reports, customer interaction data, etc. Data scientists take all that data and help businesses make sense of it. And help create predictions and assessments for the future of your business.

Data science is actually much more complicated than that. However, it is a skill that will help you build a lasting career. However, just like learning to code, this skill is difficult to learn. You will also need a good knowledge of math.

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7. Social Media Marketing & Management 

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing today. Why? Influencers on social networking sites have a very strong impact on their followers, so if you recommend a product, don’t hesitate to buy it.

This new trend in digital marketing has made social media marketing another skill to help you learn. Learning how to sell your product and promote your brand on social networking sites is an easy skill to learn in online courses.

You can also learn more about social media management. We help businesses and brands manage their accounts more effectively and propose strategies to improve their social channels.

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8. Product Design

Product design is also an area that covers many aspects. But more specifically, product packaging design is a skill that is in great demand in the online freelance marketplace.

As you know, the packaging of the product is the reason for the purchase. The job of a product package designer is to help companies design attractive packages for their products.

This skill requires knowledge of many technical aspects of how different types of product packaging work. But it’s worth exploring. It’s also worth mentioning that

UX design, copywriting and digital marketing also play an important role in product design.

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9. Video Editing

As many video-based social networks like TikTok and Instagram take over the Internet, the demand for video editors is increasing.

Companies and YouTubers are often looking for professional editors to help them create more engaging videos on their channels. This is your chance to shine.

Video editing is not a complicated skill, but it takes skill to be a good editor. If you have enough computers to handle your video editing workload, you can learn this skill in just a few weeks.

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10. Business Analytics

Analysis plays an important role in the growth of any business. You can use

analytics to identify opportunities for your company to grow and find weaknesses in your products.

For example, if a company conducts a survey, the company can use Analytics to identify and analyze all the data collected during the survey. Here,

professionals with Excel skills can help. And there is plenty of demand for Excel Analytics.

Microsoft Excel is a great skill to learn right away. And it will give you lots of opportunities in the freelance market.

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