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Website Traffic sources: 5 best traffic sources

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Are you launching a new website? Are you trying to increase traffic to your video? Want to increase content exposure? Want to know the best way to increase traffic to your website? This article will definitely help you as it will then teach you how to increase traffic to your website with my 5 best Website Traffic sources. You see, most of the companies out there don’t have traffic problems. In fact, traffic is one of the most achievable in the Internet world. However, there may be permission issues, so this article will not only explain how to increase the required website traffic, but also how to use it to increase permissions.

However, I would like to mention that this is not a “push button get traffic” system or technique. It takes a lot of effort and dedication. However, these five traffic sources will be available for the next few years. The main approach here is to help your audience where they meet, solve their needs for free, and build relevance and notoriety from them.

Are you ready for targeted free traffic? Let’s dive in!

The first thing you need to do before applying this guide

Targeted traffic can be used for a variety of purposes. It can help increase sales and conversions on your website, it can increase your list size, and it can help raise awareness for your charitable purposes increase. However, there are some things you need to do before you actually “go out” and start using these techniques.

As you may already know, having some sort of sales funnel / lead capture mechanism is very important. Otherwise, people will visit your site and think your content is cool and leave. And you don’t want it? Efforts need to be leveraged to make this technique meaningful now and in the future.

Therefore, if you don’t have a lead capture mechanism, bait option, or offer that you can get for free if people leave your email address, you need to add it directly to your site.

The second step is to place some kind of retargeting pixel. 95% of the people who visit your website will take no action-it doesn’t matter what type of traffic source or strategy you use. So how do you deal with 95% of your visits and possibly forget yours in the next 30 minutes, not to mention a few seconds?

This is where retargeting comes in handy. With some kind of retargeting / remarketing pixel, you’ll need to serve those people later. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign in the near future. You can place that pixel to create a “cookie list” and an email list (assuming you implemented step 1).

Now that you can communicate with your prospects after they leave your website, this guide will show you how to generate them. Let’s move on.

My 5 most effective sources of traffic

My marketing experience is primarily related to search engine optimization (SEO). I still do a lot of SEO and love this traffic source, but over the years I have moved from a backlink/ranking perspective to a traffic/conversion perspective. This is why I exclude SEO here. However, if you are interested in SEO, this guide will definitely help you, as you can get a lot of high-quality backlinks. So read on.

As mentioned earlier, this is not a “button” strategy. This is a sustainable approach to building your brand, website, and online traffic. Although it had almost 6,000 visitors in the first 30 days after using this guide (I’ll show you later), the opportunities associated with this approach are invaluable.

The main idea here is that you will be actively looking for places where your potential customers gather. You go to them, not vice versa. You will research the market, find a virtual place where people need your product or service to address, and help them meet these needs for free.

In turn, you can see authority rises, traffic rises, subscribers are significantly more engaged with emails, and sell more with less effort. So, you work first and then you get rewarded. This is how you promote your brand in an ethical, sustainable, and long-term way.

Finally, let’s look at what these traffic sources are.

1. Communities and groups

Just like forums, there are communities and groups you can use to increase your authority, traffic, and audience. In this case, we will use the traffic already on the platform (eg Google Plus communities, Facebook groups, and LinkedIn groups) to drive traffic to your site.

This skill is still valid. Help, engage, and build relationships with group owners and prominent members. After all, it really should be fun! I’ve also found that the exclusive offers, content, and articles work surprisingly well. If you’re using Facebook, for example, large group activity can generate tons of new friend requests. The same goes for Google Plus and LinkedIn. As with

forums, moderators, moderators, and members protect the platform. And for the most part, I’m tired of fighting spam. So if they suspect you have some kind of “hidden plan” you will be kicked out immediately. Expand your profile, be honest and share your knowledge and you’ll get traffic.

2. Discussion boards and forums

Now you can ask how forums and discussion boards can help drive traffic to your website or YouTube channel. Okay, I’ll teach you how.

Forums and discussion boards – gold mines. On some websites, you see a lot of people discussing the topics you are most passionate about. you know some forums and forum users are just fanatics of a particular topic or niche. Think of motorcycles, survival, train models, wrestling, boxing, and all the other types of hobbies people have.

This is what you and your brand is also trying to achieve. Discussion forums are, for example, a great way to help people, build trust, and post a call to action on your profile or signature. This technology has proven to be so effective that we have launched our entire website, product, and service based solely on this strategy.

: After browsing some forums with an advanced Google search (as shown in this guide), you want to register for an account. Your profile should be of the best quality and should be linked to other social media profiles, also make sure you include a bio. I’ve seen so many people using personal accounts more than brand, company, or professional accounts. make sure to use your face and name whenever possible.

: Once you’ve signed up for an account, make sure to introduce yourself and help people with topics you know and can actually get involved with. If you’re inspired, I can write a complete guide to XYZ. This can have a huge impact on your business as forum members appreciate this guide. But politely don’t try to bring people back to your site. Otherwise, it is prohibited.

3. Blog comments(on high authority websites)

This is a very powerful way to direct a large amount of targeted traffic to your website. However, many SEO experts and marketers don’t use it for fear of “Google slap”. The truth is that if comments are made in large numbers and automatically, it can be a headache and Google doesn’t like it. But I’m giving insightful comments about related blogs here, and the usually automated jargon that can be considered self-moderated if you have a blog (mainly WordPress). Not.

To comment make sure to find a great blog, personally, I follow influential people on social media and drop some paragraphs of insights, advice, and praise on their posts. I also recommend you use,, and more to find the most popular blogs in your niche. Remember to treat the creators and audience of this blog with respect. Help your audience first and sell later.

On most comment platforms, you can leave the link as part of your profile. Use this to redirect traffic to the lead magnet for related articles or sites.

4. Press releases(very effective)

Press releases are one of the least utilized traffic generation strategies. Every time you submit a syndication press release, traffic, subscribers, and sales are increasing. Press releases are also good for SEO, as you can quickly get backlinks for many brands from authorities’ sources. It’s not completely free, but I didn’t want to exclude it from the guide as it could be a powerful (and cheap) solution for getting traffic. How do you harness the power of press releases in

? First of all, you need someone to write a press release for you. It must be in a specific format and content to be accepted by the media. It should also be written in a journalistic and newsworthy language. Many Linkingnews writers can help you create a press release.

Then you need to submit. There are many services out there, but as far as I can remember, I’ve used Joe Hughes’s service. I have nothing to do with him, but I recommend him because his service is excellent. Some press release submission services can be expensive, but Hughes’ team actually creates your press release and submits it at a lower cost than you think.

For SEO geeks out there, make sure you’re using a branded URL as the anchor text for your backlinks. You can also link to other social profiles (Twitter profiles, YouTube channels, links, etc.) to let other users follow you on social media.

You can also subscribe to Linkingnews and publish Your Press Release on Top-Tier News & Media Sites. And will also get Featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX & More.

5. Guest posting and outreach

All marketers don’t like guest posts because they require a lot of work. Not only do you need to point out to the blog owner that it might be featured there, but you also need to actually write, get approval, and edit. And some people are not used to the written words. However, the results in terms of traffic, permissions, and relationships are valuable.

And do you see me mentioning “outreach” using this particular technique? It does not have to be a written guest post. You can add value to someone else’s blog in different ways. Can you quickly create a video or record a podcast episode? Can I create a blog infographic? Can you curate some of the latest news and add insights? Can I broadcast live with the blog owner?

Is this really worth it? What are the results? 

Now you might be thinking, ‘OK God’will, it sounds great, but is it really worth it? Show me the results! And that’s what I’m trying to do now. This technique has attracted about 5,492 visitors in the first 30 days of launching my website. This was done without investing in advertising or other push actions (email blasts, social media posts, etc.).

Once you’ve set the base (that is, your site has captured email and set cookies), you can get out there and capture as much traffic as possible. These techniques aren’t easy to implement, fast, and scalable (like PPC), but you’ve helped in the past with a large number of targeted leads, people already familiar with content. .. Not to mention their connections, networking, and the feeling of being “there” that actually helps people.

Think about how easy the selling process is, how much subscribers are involved, and how much you can potentially sell. And how to set up your preparations to become an authority in your market.

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