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  1. What is Affiliate Marketing?
  2. How to Start Affiliate Marketing in simple easy Steps
  3. Types of Affiliate Products to Promote
  4. The Bottom Line on Affiliate Marketing

Here in M-EDUCATE, in the daily work with affiliates, it is easy to forget that some people (in fact, many people) do not know what affiliate marketing is.

What is affiliate marketing?

There are plenty of great articles on our website that delve into many different aspects of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a necessary condition for success and how you can become a successful affiliate marketer.

Affiliate marketing for beginners

So what is affiliate marketing? Well, the practice is that the company recommends products or services to potential customers, generates sales, and earns commissions in return.

The affiliate marketing process generally involves four parties: affiliate websites, affiliate networks, advertisers and buyers.

Many beginners find this confusing, but it is unnecessary. Let me explain in layman’s terms.

The affiliate

The partner owns a website. That partner could be me, you, or the strange guy next door. Seriously, making a website suitable for the job is not that complicated (although marketing the website effectively is another matter, which we will discuss later).

The affiliate network marketer’s website contains detailed information (or reviews) about the products sold on the advertiser’s website. It also links to advertiser product pages through special links called affiliate links.

The advertiser

An advertiser can be any company that sells products or services online. It could be John Lewis, Amazon, car insurance, or even your local skate shop if they have an online store.

The affiliate network

When the buyer visits the advertiser’s website by clicking the affiliate link on the affiliated website, the affiliate network will place a tracking cookie in the buyer’s browser. They are actually the glue that makes affiliate marketing possible, and they are the ones who send you payments.

A Real example of affiliate marketing in action

Since this article aims to introduce affiliate marketing to beginners, here is a small example. Suppose John is a partner. He has a website about skateboarding. He has a blog about him, where he shares videos of his latest stunts, photos of the parks he has visited, and in-depth reviews of the best and worst skateboards he has used.

reviews contain deep links to pages on the advertiser’s website where you can buy recommended skateboards. The key is that the link is not a standard link, for example:

but in fact it is an affiliate link, which looks more like this:

So if the visitor of John’s website is reading After reviewing one of the many acclaimed reviews, they decided that they really want to buy one of the skateboards here. in conclusion!

On the other hand, they may take longer to consider. Maybe they are waiting for the payday, or they are not too sure whether they prefer the blue color they find when they browse the advertiser’s website. They can leave and come back in a few weeks because they can no longer resist the urge to pay salaries on a better board.

The good news is that if the cookie set by the affiliate network remains in the browser, the affiliate will still receive a commission for this sale.

You May Be Wondering What Is Cookies

If you want to know, these cookies can disappear in many ways:

If the buyer manually or using tools such as CCleaner to clear the cookies in the browser.

When the cookie expires. By default, most affiliate networks have a cookie period of 30 days

Advantages for affiliates

The advantages of affiliate marketing business model to affiliate marketing are obvious to everyone. The ability to effectively sell inventory without manufacturing, purchasing, or storage costs or responsibilities is very liberating. In addition, the profit potential of working with high-paying networks like Clickbank is huge.

With the right method, this can almost become passive income. Although you may need (and hope) to keep an eye on the ball, if you make a substantial income, in the long run, you can leave a lot of offshore housework to freelancers.

However, many people accidentally find that the success of affiliate marketing is quick and easy. It is not. It takes hours of learning, commitment and willingness to adapt to get the most out of any changing situation. In addition to the obvious advantages of running your own business, working online anytime and anywhere, and being able to freely choose the intensity of work,

has several other advantages. Affiliates with a strong social fan base (aka influencers) can get free gifts from advertisers who want to increase brand awareness.

If a partner’s website is generic, such as a health and beauty blog, the possibilities are endless: from beauty creams to complete care sets, if you can give the company enough attention, they will ask you to try their products for free !

Advantages for advertisers

Many advertisers don’t know the potential of affiliate marketing business models for their own businesses. In fact, most small businesses have never heard of affiliate marketing. But imagine that your product is only marketed to interested people without upfront fees. Paying only when the results are obtained is a risk-free way of advertising that does not require a marketing budget to get started. As you can imagine, this is great for any startup that doesn’t have enough funds to promote its new brand.

More than just what can be better than hundreds or even thousands of websites that promote your products? This is the perfect way for people to talk about your products, buy your products, and make your brand “shine”.

How much can you earn from affiliate marketing?

This is “how long can a rope be?” Your income as a junior member depends to a large extent on the following factors:

The efficiency and reliability of the membership network you are using.

The commission level and conversion rate of the advertisers you work with.make

Your promises clear.

You have a deep understanding of your niche market and are willing to learn all the knowledge to succeed.

Networks and commissions vary greatly. It may take more than a year for new members to make their first sale, but with the right training (M-educate free) and perseverance, you can get from 5 to 100 dollars per sale of products on our affiliate network.

It is easy to see what a considerable income this is. Some of our top partners earn more than $8,000 a week! When there are so many things in the world that can be made legally online, who must be Walt White?

Sounds great! Shall I hand In my notice now?

Wait don’t rush it. Before you become too excited, you need to understand one very important thing. Affiliate marketing for beginners can be insignificantly difficult. after all It’s business and not something else. This is not a get rich quick plan, and no honest alliance manager will tell you it is. This requires patience, perseverance and a lot of study. Sometimes it may take years to get the results you really want to see, but we hope you can see them sooner with the help of our affiliated marketing blogs!

Affiliate marketing is not something you can directly enter from work. All the affiliates we know have started to do this, and unless you have a lot of cash reserves to live on, you may have to do it.

Do I need to buy an affiliate marketing for beginners guide?

The simple answer to that is no, not if you are learning with M-Educate! We provide all the training and advice you need to be successful with with your affiliate business.


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